Calories in 1/2 Cup of Cucumbers

You've probably heard the saying "cool as a cucumber." This expression refers to someone's ability to remain calm, but it's also true that this green vegetable offers a cool, crisp taste. Whether you toss cucumber into a salad or serve it with a sandwich, cucumbers add taste and crunch to your meal. If you crave a simple, healthy snack, consuming 1/2 cup of cucumbers will barely raise your caloric intake for the day.

Sliced cucumbers on a countertop.
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A Low-Calorie Snack

The caloric content of your cucumber serving depends on whether you leave the peel on or cut it off. A 1/2 cup of cucumber slices with the peel intact contains just eight calories, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The same size serving of peeled cucumbers has seven calories. When cucumbers are pickled, the caloric count increases. A 1/2 cup of sweet pickles has 73 calories, while 1/2 cup of dill pickles has nine calories.

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