The Best Vitamins for a 40-Year-Old Man

With good nutrition you can help prevent heart disease, one of the leading causes of death in men.

The leading causes of death in men over 40 are heart disease and cancer, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States. Rounding out the list of top 10 causes of mortality are: unintentional injuries, pneumonia, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease, Alzheimer's disease, chronic lower respiratory diseases and suicide. Many of these illnesses and causes of death can be addressed with proper nutrition and adequate health care. Men will continue to reap these benefits even if they start at age 40. Before adding any vitamins or supplements to your daily regimen, check with your doctor to determine that they will not interfere with other medications or underlying medical conditions.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is a compound that is naturally found in the mitochondria of cells. The body uses it to produce energy and drive other biological processes, including the contraction of muscles and the production of protein, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. When you are over 40 your body benefits from Coenzyme Q10. The supplement plays a role in the prevention and treatment of heart disease, heart failure, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, all of which come under the heading of the top 10 causes of death for men. This vitamin supplement can be found in fatty fish, such as salmon and tuna or can be taken in as a dietary supplement in capsule, oral spray or tablet form.


Boron is a chemical element that is naturally occurring in the environment. According to research published in "Oncology Reports," boron affects human steroid hormone production, namely circulating testosterone and estradiol levels, which can affect the risk of prostate cancer. In research led by Y. Cui from the Department of Epidemiology at UCLA's School of Public Health, a small study demonstrated that an increased intake of dietary boron was associated with a decreased risk of prostate cancer. A man's risk of prostate cancer increases with age. Boron can be taken in supplement form and is also found in animal tissue.

Vitamin D and Calcium

As you age you require more vitamin D and calcium to maintain strong bones, according to the American Dietetic Association. You can receive both from foods and supplements, but the best source of vitamin D is made in your skin after exposure to direct sunlight, according to Calcium rich foods include low-fat and fat-free dairy products, fortified juices and cereals and dark green vegetables. Your bones use both the calcium and the vitamin D in combination to maintain strength and health. If you have limited time in the sun be sure that the calcium supplement or multivitamin you take also has vitamin D.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Fish is a good source of protein, low in saturated fats and high in omega-3 fatty acids, according to the American Heart Association. This fatty acid is essential for good heart health and the prevention of cardiovascular disease. This is one of the biggest causes of death in men over 40. You should ensure that you receive this fatty acid, either in your food or through supplementation, after consulting with your physician.