How Janet Jackson Lost Her Weight

If you want to know how Janet Jackson lost her weight, you might want to clarify which time you mean. Jackson, born in May of 1966, became famous as an actress, recording artist, dancer and youngest sibling of the famous show-business Jackson family. She also became well-known for her weight issues and the yo-yo dieting she's undergone throughout her life.

Early Weight Issues

Jackson's body image problems began when she was only 10. Producers of the sitcom "Good Times" asked her to lose weight and bound her chest before shooting. Her brother, Michael Jackson, also teased her about having a big butt. Those significant events in Jackson's life caused her to engage in unhealthy eating habits: she sometimes ate too much food to comfort herself, while other times she'd starve herself.

Jackson's Weight Loss Success

Jackson lost weight through the Nutrisystem program in 2011. She was even one of the celebrity spokespersons for the company. (Marie Osmond and Dan Marino were others.) According to Nutrisystem, Jackson lost 10 pounds in just over a month using the program. Nutrisystem provided Jackson with a new way of life, according to "USA Today." She combines the diet program with six days of working out per week, mostly by outdoor running and working with a trainer.

Food Substitutes

Jackson told "Us Weekly" in April of 2012 that she used to eat when she felt stressed or depressed. She learned to use other activities as substitutes for food when she feels those ways, such as reading, creating music, being with her family and friends, and going to movies. Those activities provide Jackson with the comfort she used to get from food.

Keeping It Off

Jackson learned the key to weight loss success is to keep the weight off. Losing weight is one thing, according to Jackson, but the true test is maintaining the weight loss. After starting with Nutrisystem, Jackson says she never gets on the scale or obsesses about her weight. She instead lives a healthy lifestyle. She does not deprive or starve herself, but she does enjoy her food in moderation. She also maintains a regular exercise schedule.