Using Detoxification to Lose Belly Fat

With the number of obese people in the world, numerous fad diets have hit the market. Along with these fad diets are detoxification diets. Detoxification helps you lose the belly fat you have been trying to lose. Detox diets are what many celebrities use to get a body others only dream of having. Using some detox diets can be very challenging. Fortunately, with proper planning and dedication, you are going to lose up to 25 lbs. with detoxification.

Healthy Detoxification

Step 1

Drink eight to 10 glasses of water each day. Green tea is also effective at detoxifying your body and giving your metabolism a boost.

Step 2

Whenever you are hungry, eat fresh vegetables. Vegetables leave very few toxins behind in your body. Wash off any chemicals from the outside of nonorganic vegetables.

Step 3

Eat two to three servings of fresh fruit each day. Strawberries and cherries contain an acid that will help to detoxify the body. Use organic fruits or wash chemicals of fruits before consuming.

Step 4

Eat whole grain. When desiring breads and pastas, select whole-grain varieties. White bread and regular pasta have too many simple carbohydrates and add toxins to the body.

Step 5

Eat lean protein. This can be in the form of raw nuts, legumes or lean meat. Avoid added salt to prevent toxic buildup and fluid retention.

Step 6

Add fiber to your diet. Doubling your fiber intake can increase your weight loss.


There are many detoxification diets. Each allows you to lose weight. But you need to find one that you can use for the rest of your life if you are going to maintain the weight loss. Diets like the lemon aid diet will allow you to gain weight that you are likely to regain as soon as you go off the diet. You will not feel as hungry if you chew your food slowly and take time to relax as you eat.


Many detoxification diets are not healthy for you. They can cause you to get dehydrated, have mood swings and even make your body start to shut down. Find a detox diet that is safe and healthy.

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