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10 Barre Moves You Can Do At Home Right Now

author image Holly Del Rosso
?Holly Roser is a certified personal trainer and fitness expert in San Francisco. Holly is regularly featured on top websites including Self Magazine, Men's Fitness magazine,, FabFitFun and Well + Good NYC. In 2014, Holly created Girl Fit, a non-profit for high school students in Los Angeles, CA, focusing on motivating low-income teens to eat healthy and exercise.

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10 Barre Moves You Can Do At Home Right Now
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You’ve likely heard your girlfriends gush about how obsessed they are with their favorite barre class. But have you tried it yourself yet? Whether you want to prep yourself to try a class for the first time, don’t live near a barre studio or just don’t feel like leaving the house after a tough day, this workout is for you. You’ll combine the graceful movements of ballet, yoga and Pilates while challenging your entire body with high reps of small movements. These 10 exercises will define, lift, lengthen and tone those hard-to-sculpt areas without any workout equipment. Grab a chair (or the back of a couch), cue the classical music, channel your inner ballerina and get ready to sweat!

1. Side Leg Swings
Photo Credit: Jessica Crawford/LIVESTRONG.COM

1 Side Leg Swings

Your outer thighs and glutes will definitely feel the burn on this one! But that’s exactly what you need to sculpt those long, lean dancer’s legs. HOW TO DO IT: Hold on to a chair, the wall or the back of a couch for balance. Slowly swing your left leg out to the side as high as it can comfortably raise, and then slowly lower. Turn your foot so that your toe is pointed toward the ground. You should feel the burn in both legs (the standing leg quad and the outer glute in your swinging leg). Keep your back straight, your ribs tucked in and your tailbone tucked under. Perform for 45 seconds on each leg for three sets.

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2. Small V
Photo Credit: Jessica Crawford/LIVESTRONG.COM

2 Small V

Get ready to work every part of your thigh. This move is foundational to barre, says Barre Evolution instructor Jess Amoroso. “I love the way I can focus on my balance and get really low into a deep, controlled shake.” HOW TO DO IT: Face the back of a chair and hold on with both hands. Stand with your feet pointed in a “V” shape (heels together, toes out). Keeping your upper body straight, bring your heels a couple of inches off the floor. Roll your hips forward, and then tuck them back to the starting position. Find your “neutral spine,” so that your back is straight and you’re not leaning into the barre (or chair, in this case). Do three sets of 30 seconds with 20-second breaks between sets.

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3. Parallel Plié Pulse
Photo Credit: Jessica Crawford/LIVESTRONG.COM

3 Parallel Plié Pulse

The small pulses in this exercise may not seem very difficult at first, but your legs will definitely be shaking by the end. Hang in there! Tough workouts will break you out of your comfort zone and be worth it in the end. HOW TO DO IT: Stand facing a chair and lift your heels off the ground. While keeping your knees pressed together, bend your knees into a squat while tucking your tailbone under you. Press through your toes and come back up just an inch. Ensure that your shoulders are back, your core is engaged and your knees don’t go past your toes. Focus on your breath being controlled -- in through your nose and out through your mouth. Do these small, one-inch pulses for 30 reps.

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4. Arabesque and Attitude
Photo Credit: Jessica Crawford/LIVESTRONG.COM

4 Arabesque and Attitude

Don’t let the beauty and grace of this move fool you. It’s tough stuff! But if you keep at it, over time you’ll develop gracefulness in addition to strength. HOW TO DO IT: Place both hands on the back of a chair, squaring your shoulders with the chair. For the arabesque, engage your core and turn your feet out (dancers call this first position). Lift your right leg back behind you four times, keeping your chest up. For the attitude, turn your leg out, raise onto the ball of your left foot and lift your leg with your knee bent. Do five sets on each leg.

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5. Standing Hip Extension
Photo Credit: Jessica Crawford/LIVESTRONG.COM

5 Standing Hip Extension

If there’s one move that’s sure to sculpt a better-looking booty, this is it! Again, barre is all about tiny movements and pushing the endurance of some of your lesser-used and smaller muscles. HOW TO DO IT: Stand with your knees together, hips square to the back of a chair, with a neutral pelvis and core engaged and pulled up. Bend your right knee so that your foot is behind you and your leg is lifted away from your body. Hold for one second and slowly lift and lower your leg a few inches in tiny pulses. Perform three sets of 30 reps.

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6. Triceps Dips
Photo Credit: Jessica Crawford/LIVESTRONG.COM

6 Triceps Dips

Give your lower body a bit of a break and target the backs of your arms. There are tons of ways to do triceps dips, but this one doesn’t require any equipment. HOW TO DO IT: Start seated on the floor and place your hands behind your body, bending at the elbows. Your fingertips should point toward your feet, and your hands should be shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees and plant your feet on the floor. Push through your hands and feet to raise your butt off the floor. Now extend your right leg out at a 45-degree angle. Dip your elbows quickly, pulsing 20 times while tightening your seat and core. Do this for four sets (two on each side).

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7. Legs Raised Sit-Up
Photo Credit: Jessica Crawford/LIVESTRONG.COM

7 Legs Raised Sit-Up

Arms and legs shaking yet? Let’s get those abs burning too! HOW TO DO IT: Start lying on your back with your arms extended over your head. Bring your legs straight up over your hips, so that your legs are perpendicular to the floor. Crunch up with your hands behind your head. Make small pulses instead of trying to crunch all the way up. Don’t use your lower back to assist you, but instead isolate your abs. Do three sets of 25 reps.

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8. Side-Lying Leg Lifts
Photo Credit: Jessica Crawford/LIVESTRONG.COM

8 Side-Lying Leg Lifts

You might be lying down, but this is no easy move! You’ll continue to target your hip flexors and gluteus medius (basically, the side of your butt and hips). HOW TO DO IT: Lying on your right side, bend both knees and stack them on top of each other. Lift the top leg several inches, and then pulse for 30 reps. Ensure that your back is straight and your shoulders are not leaning forward. Repeat on the other side and do two full sets.

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9. Stork
Photo Credit: Jessica Crawford/LIVESTRONG.COM

9 Stork

HOW TO DO IT: Stand with your chair at your side and your inside leg lifted behind your body. Reach your outside arm overhead with the palm facing inward. Hold on to the chair with your other hand and hinge your body forward from your hips, lifting your leg up higher (you should be in a T position). Reach your arm to the ground. Go back to the T position, and then lift to the starting position. Be sure to keep your core engaged the entire time. Repeat for eight reps before switching legs. Do two full sets.

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10. Curtsy
Photo Credit: Jessica Crawford/LIVESTRONG.COM

10 Curtsy

What better way to signal the end of your dance-inspired workout than with a curtsy? “I love curtsy because it works multiple angles of the thighs at the same time -- inner, outer and quads,” says Nancy Meyer, owner and co-founder of Barre Evolution in South Carolina. HOW TO DO IT: Start standing with one foot in front of you and the other behind. Bend both legs outward, as if you were curtsying. Hold for three seconds, and then do small pulses for 20 seconds. Don’t let the front knee go over your toes, but instead stay over the ankle. Make sure your tailbone is tucked under and your core is fully engaged. Repeat for three sets.

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What Do YOU Think?
Photo Credit: Jessica Crawford/LIVESTRONG.COM

What Do YOU Think?

Have you ever taken a barre class before? What did you think? After doing your own barre workout, do you feel that this low-impact, glute-burning routine has empowered you to work out at home? If you haven’t gone to an actual class before, do you think you will now? Share your thoughts, stories and questions in the comments section below!

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