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Wait, What? The British Are Exercising Like Dogs

This boot camp in England is getting people to actually work out just like man’s best friend: a dog....

What Is the Role of Glucose in Aerobic Respiration?

During aerobic respiration, cells obtain energy in the presence of oxygen through a series of reactions known as the citric acid c...

What Is the Difference Between Aerobic & Anaerobic Exercise?

You may be aware that you should be taking time out of your busy schedule to exercise every week, but what you may not be aware of...

How to Get Certified to Teach Aerobics

When you have a deep interest for fitness and wellness, becoming an aerobics instructor may be the next step for you to turn your ...

How Many Calories Will Be Burned Jumping Rope for Ten Minutes?

Jumping rope is a high-intensity exercise, burning lots of calories in a short amount of time. Just 10 minutes can burn 125 calori...

How Many Calories Are Burned Doing Tae-Bo?

Tae Bo is a high-intensity workout combining martial arts and boxing that can help you burn 600 to over 1,000 calories per hour....

Statistics on Personal Training

While some people consider personal fitness training a luxury, others view it as a necessity. Surveys indicate that time-crunched ...

Sub-Maximal Aerobic Fitness Tests

Aerobic fitness tests are useful for determining your aerobic fitness level and for seeing your improvement after a period of aero...

What Effect Does Aerobic Exercise Have on Muscles?

"Aerobics" is the term coined by Dr. Kenneth Cooper in 1968 to describe sustained low to moderate cardiovascular exercis...

Pilates Games for Wii

The Wii lets you interact with your home exercise video by tracking your hand movements and balance, which helps with form and mot...
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