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Cholesterol Health

Why Is High Cholesterol Bad for the Body?

Although the body needs cholesterol to function, and it occurs naturally in every cell of the body, too much cholesterol can build...

Factors Affecting Human Growth

Your height and weight as you grow is determined by internal and external factors. This can result in a significant difference in ...

What Are the Benefits of Flaxseed Oil Pills?

Although you might think of all dietary fats as unhealthy, consuming certain types called omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids might he...

Alternatives to Statins for Cholesterol

"Statins" are the most commonly prescribed class of drugs to lower total cholesterol and low density lipoprotein cholest...

Phospholipids and Cholesterol

Most discussions of heart disease risk, sooner or later, include the mention of an infamous waxy substance called cholesterol. In ...

The Psychological Factors Affecting Medical Conditions

Psychological factors can influence physical health either indirectly, by changing behaviors that affect your health, such as eati...

How do I Increase Dopamine Levels Naturally?

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter found in the brain that stimulates happiness and excitability and can improve your overall contente...

Psychological Factors That Affect Language Development in Children

As your child grows and develops, language skills begin to emerge. Some children learn to speak and understand language quickly, w...

Niacin Dosage for High Cholesterol

The dosages of niacin necessary to improve cholesterol can vary from person to person. It's often the lipid levels in your blo...

Running Effects on Fat and Cholesterol

Regular exercise helps you control the amount of fat in your body and may promote healthy cholesterol levels. An article on KVAL.c...
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