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Hair Loss

How to Repair Eyebrow Loss

Eyebrow loss can occur as a result of overplucking, genetics, nutritional deficiencies or accidents such as burns. Medical treatme...

Home Remedies for Hair Loss Due to Stress

Hair evolves in a cycle of growth, or anagen; transition, or catagen; and resting, or telogen. During its final stage of resting, ...

Cons of Rogaine

Cons of Rogaine. A confusing selection of products allude to promises of a full head of thick, healthy hair. Rogaine is the only n...

Dangers of Rogaine for Women

Dangers of Rogaine for Women. Minoxidil, the generic name for Rogaine, is a medication that was originally used in pill form for t...

What Are the Causes of Thin Fragile Skin?

The Mayo Clinic characterizes thin, fragile skin as skin that easily tears or breaks. It's a common problem in older adults. As yo...

What Vegetables Are Good for Hair Loss?

Vegetables that are good for hair loss will be good for your overall health. You can replenish your hair and stimulate new hair gr...

Can Food Make Hair Thicker?

Two factors determine hair thickness: the thickness of the hair follicles and the number of hair follicles on the scalp. While gen...

Spironolactone for a Hair-Loss Treatment in Women

Female-pattern baldness, or androgenetic alopecia, is characterized by an excessive amount of hair loss. The hair follicles in wom...

Vitamins for Shedding Hair

A healthy head of hair begins with good nutrition. When it come to your hair, some vitamins are more important than others. If you...

Why Does My Hair Fall Out When I Wash It?

A good scalp massage and shampoo removes dirt, debris, excess oils, styling product and loose hair. Those with long hair appear to...
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