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Health Care

Homeopath Vs. Naturopath

Homeopathy and naturopathic medicine are unique, yet complementary health care modalities practiced by many lay and medically trai...

How to Heal a Pulled Groin

A groin pull, or strain, refers to an overstretch or tear injury to one of the three adductor muscles that run down the inside of ...

Delsym Ingredients

Delsym is an American brand-name over-the-counter cough syrup developed and marketed by the pharmaceutical company, Reckitt Bencki...

How to Apply for Christmas Help for Low Income Families

Planning for a happy Christmas for your family is challenging if you feel you lack the financial resources to celebrate properly w...

How to Take Care of Your Own Health

To stay as healthy as possible, you have to be an active participant in your own care. You can help maintain health and wellness b...

How to Care for the Paraplegic

An injury that causes paralysis can be devastating for the patient as well as his family. A paraplegic injury occurs when the spin...

Properties of Bentonite Magmas

Bentonite is a rock, called a smectite, composed of clay minerals formed from volcanic ash. When purified water is blended with be...

Brittle Nails With Ridges

Your fingernails are affected by your health and aging, just like the rest of your body. While brittle nails with ridges may be un...

Examples of Companies' Wellness Programs

Workplace wellness programs are a way to improve the health and quality of life for Americans and reduce the companies' health car...

How to Boost ATP Levels

Adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, is known as the main energy source for cells in the body and aids in various functions like muscle...
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