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William Salt, M.D.
William B. Salt II, M.D., is a practicing gastroenterologist and founder of IBS and Microbiome Solutions in Columbus, Ohio. He is an adjunct assistant professor of medicine at The Ohio State University. Dr. Salt's passion and specialty is the care and education of patients suffering with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). His most recent book is "IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome: A Gastroenterologist Answers Your Questions."
Young couple eating pasta and drinking alcohol, which are some of the foods to avoid with IBS
Illustration of a woman with irritable bowel syndrome thinking about potential treatments for IBS
A woman with IBS taking a meditative walk in nature
Female feet on a bathroom scale
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Woman doing Pranayama yoga breathing for IBS and anxiety relief
A woman with IBS symptoms holding her stomach

What Is IBS, Exactly?

Baked tofu with spices
Enjoy Your Drinks
Stomach cramps
The stomach ache. The sad woman with stomach ache or pain on a pink studio background
Young woman with a belly ache
Jalapeno slices with fresh greens and bean sprouts
Fresh Okra in the Market
A plate of hummus with olive oil, spices and vegetables.

Bowel Resection Diet

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Which Vegetables Can I Eat With IBS?

Melons in Southfield
Beautiful young woman eating yogurt in the kitchen at home. Looking sideway.
oatmeal porridge with walnuts

Oatmeal & IBS

Tofu scramble toast with greens on rye bread, top view. Healthy vegan food concept.
Sliced fruit
Yogurt with strawberry in bowl
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Fresh ginger (Zingiber officinale) known as Jahe in Indonesia. Raw material for traditional medicine herb, alternative health therapy. Containing Gingerol as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Seen from above.
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Cooked Plain Brown Wholewheat Fusilli Pasta on a Fork
Breakfast Cereal
Close-up view of grilled chicken breast with mixed salad
Woman with bloated tummy, close up
wholegrain muesli
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