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William Salt, M.D.
William B. Salt II, M.D., is a practicing gastroenterologist and founder of IBS and Microbiome Solutions in Columbus, Ohio. He is an adjunct assistant professor of medicine at The Ohio State University. Dr. Salt's passion and specialty is the care and education of patients suffering with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). His most recent book is "IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome: A Gastroenterologist Answers Your Questions."
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Enjoy Your Drinks
Young woman with a belly ache
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Fresh Okra in the Market

Bowel Resection Diet

oatmeal porridge with walnuts

Oatmeal & IBS

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Fresh mint
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Ginger Roots

Ginger and IBS

Mature woman with her female doctor.

Stool-Firming Diets

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Breakfast Cereal
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wholegrain muesli
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Melons in Southfield
A woman with IBS symptoms holding her stomach

What Is IBS, Exactly?

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Woman doing Pranayama yoga breathing for IBS and anxiety relief