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Muscle Pain and Swelling

Natural Ways to Reduce Leg Swelling

According to the Mayo Clinic, your leg can swell for various reasons. For example, swelling in one leg alone may indicate an injur...

Swollen Legs After Running

A good run strengthens the muscles and bones, makes the heart more efficient, renews the spirit and improves overall body circulat...

What Nerves Affect the Quad Muscle?

The quadriceps femoris, or quad muscle, is located at the front of the thigh and is responsible for straightening the leg from a b...

Causes of Lower Leg Muscles Pain

Lower leg muscle pain can arise with a variety of abnormalities and conditions. The causes commonly involve the muscle tissue itse...

About Sartorius Pain

If you are having pain in your inner thigh or the lower portion of your outer hip, you may have pulled or strained your sartorius ...

How to Reduce Swollen Legs & Feet

Lower leg and foot swelling is known as peripheral edema. While this condition is not painful, it can be uncomfortable and swellin...

Symptoms of Muscle, Leg & Shoulder Pain

Musculoskeletal pain is a common ailment. Muscle, shoulder and leg discomfort are associated with a variety of conditions that ran...

What Are the Causes of Upper Arm Muscle Ache?

Upper arm muscle pain can significantly impact your daily activities. The cause of your pain may be easy to determine, particularl...

Pain in the Quadriceps

Pain in your quadriceps, the group of large muscles at the front of your thigh that are responsible for straightening your knee, c...

Human Leg Muscles & Tendons

Your legs are composed of bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. They all work together to help your legs stretch, bend, flex and ...
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