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Poultry Recipes

Subway's Chicken Got DNA Tested & the Results Aren't Pretty

Subway's chicken just got DNA tested and it turns out that their chicken may not exactly be chicken afterall...

How to Smoke Cornish Hens

Cornish hens are the brainchild of a Russian engraver. After immigrating to the United States, Jacques Makowsky retired on a farm ...

How to Bake Cornish Hens in the Oven

A Cornish game hen, or Poussin, is a young hybrid chicken sold whole at many grocers. Despite its name, Cornish game hens can be e...

How to Oven Cook a Duck Breast

A well-roasted duck breast offers your palate a remarkably appealing combination of flavors and textures. The meat itself is dark,...

How to Cook a Duck in an Oven Bag

Duck is not typical food fare but has become more mainstream in American cuisine. It is a fatty bird because it swims and needs th...

How to Cook Turkey Wings in the Oven With Campbell's Soup

Campbell's soup might taste great served with crackers, but it has long been a secret weapon for making creamy baked poultry dishe...

How to Bake Goose Breasts

Baked goose breast is an elegant occasional indulgence. Made entirely of dark meat, goose breast is higher in fat content than tur...

How to Cook Thin Chicken Breast

Since thin chicken breasts cook substantially faster than traditional breasts or thicker cuts of meat, its easy to get dinner on t...

How to Cook Deboned Wild Goose Breasts

Goose breast, unlike chicken and turkey breast, is dark meat. In fact, it's quite dark, with a considerably stronger flavor th...

How to Clean and Cook a Mourning Dove

With flying speeds averaging 30 to 40 mph, the mourning dove is a challenge for even the best shooters. And because the birds rang...
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