10 Affordable Workout Gear Brands

You don't have to break the bank to find affordable workout gear.
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If you're looking to take your workout up a notch or find a steady routine, and heading to a gym isn't an option for you, a home gym is the perfect solution. Not only can you save time on commuting, but you can also use your home exercise equipment whenever you please, without that line for equipment at the gym.


You don't need much. In fact, some workouts require just you and your own body weight. Of course, you can begin to build out your home gym with a few key pieces of workout equipment — which you can purchase either online or in store from major retailers like Target or Walmart.

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Between dumbbells, kettlebells, boxing gloves, resistance bands, and more, there are so many affordable options to give you the tools you need to maximize and prioritize your fitness without leaving the home. Try these amazing finds online and get ready to break a sweat!


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Target Exercise Equipment

C9 Champion: One affordable brand for home workout equipment from Target, C9 Champion, has a wide selection of kettlebells, resistance bands, dumbbells and more. They also have sliding discs and workout gloves to protect your hands from calluses you might get during weightlifting workouts.


Tone It Up: From resistance bands, like the Flex Band or Booty Band to exercise balls and kettlebells, Tone It Up has a great, fun selection within Target exercise equipment that'll make you feel stylish and prepared to take on your at-home workouts.

Walmart Exercise Equipment

Everlast: If you want a killer cardio and strength training workout in one while getting out some rage, give boxing a shot. Everlast has a selection of punching bags, which vary by weight. A nice option is the Everlast 70-pound Heavy Bag Kit.


Bowflex: Within the Walmart exercise equipment section, Bowflex has several adjustable options that make it easy to work out based on your fitness level and workout type. For instance, you can set up an adjustable bench that fits four different positions or dumbbells, which allow you to swap for lighter or heavier weights with ease.

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Amazon Exercise Equipment

Gaiam: You can find great home exercise equipment from Gaiam, such as the Adjustable Speed Jump Rope (jumping rope can blast tons of calories in just a few minutes!) or the resistance bands, which feature certain exercises to help guide you through the moves.


BalanceFrom: BalanceFrom has everything you need at a decent price. From yoga mats and dumbbells to the Go Fit All-Purpose Kit, you can use the equipment for a variety of workouts in your home.


Macy's Exercise Equipment

Sunny Health: Burn calories and get a sweat on with Sunny Health's home exercise equipment. They have row machines, treadmills, ellipticals and more. For example, this full-motion rowing machine is under $200!

Zappos Exercise Equipment

Nike: Aside from fashionable and functional workout clothing, Nike has a great line of home exercise equipment on Zappos. From jump ropes and training belts to a foam roller for recovery, you'll feel awesome during your at-home workouts.


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Dick's Sporting Goods Exercise Equipment

Bionic Body: This super affordable home exercise equipment brand has kettlebells, (like these soft bagged 40-pound weights), weighted shoulder bags and even a weighted vest, all of which can add resistance to your cardio and strength moves and help you burn more calories.


Fitness Gear: Fitness Gear is a great workout brand from Dick's that has tons of equipment that adds resistance and enables mobility for performing certain exercises. For instance, you can get a Fitness Gear Pro Door Anchor, which makes working out at home a breeze.



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