15 Health Gadgets That Make Great Father's Day Gifts

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These high-tech Father's Day gifts will make it easy for the dads in your life to keep their health a priority.
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Technology like sleep trackers and kitchen tools can take your health routine to the next level — and high-tech gadgets make unquestionably great gifts, especially for the father figures in your life.


Here, shop smartwatches, earbuds, water bottles and other tech-forward Father's Day gifts that are as fun to play with as they are good for your health.

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Quick Picks

1. Fitbit Sense

You may know and love Fitbit for their smartwatches' fitness-tracking capabilities.

Give the father figures in your life that and so much more with the Fitbit Sense, an innovative model that tracks (and helps you manage) stress. And that's not all — the Sense also logs your heart health and sleep to deliver insights that contribute to total-body wellness.

In more good news, the watch is currently $100 off during the Father's Day Fitbit sale.


Buy it:Fitbit.com; ​Price:​ $199.95

2. Bose Quiet Comfort Earbuds

These noise-cancelling earbuds allow dads to unplug from the world while they work out. And if your dad prefers walking, running or biking outside, they can switch the earbuds into transparent mode to clue back into the world around them.


Score this Father's Day gift gadget for $80 off through June 19.

Buy it:Bose.com; ​Price:​ $199

3. Theragun Mini

This stick-in-your-bag massage powerhouse is the ultimate recovery tool for any father figure who's looking to bump up their post-workout massage routine.



The pocket-sized compression therapy gun features three speed settings with a super-quiet motor so Dad can get relief from aches and pains on-the-go.

Buy it:Therabody.com; ​Price:​ $199

4. Nutribullet Pro

Once you have a blender dedicated to smoothies, there's no looking back.


Now the dads in your life can start testing out new, delicious concoctions in the kitchen with ease. The Nutribullet Pro is small but mighty — just add your favorite smoothie ingredients to the cup, blend and start sipping.

Buy it:Nutribullet.com; ​Price:​ $109.99

5. Fitbit Charge 5

If Dad loves to jog, there's a Fitbit for that: This comfortable running gadget has a built-in GPS to accurately track real-time pace and distance, so dads can start working toward their new personal records.


Right now, buy the Charge 5 for $20 off during the Father's Day Fitbit sale.

Buy it:Fitbit.com; ​Price:​ $129.95

6. LARQ Bottle PureVis

Help Dad stay hydrated and environmentally friendly with this self-cleaning water bottle and purification system in one — a doubly healthy Father's Day gift.



The insulated, reusable water bottle cleans water in 60 seconds and keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours to make safe hydration a breeze.

Buy it:Livelarq.com; ​Price:​ $99 to $118

7. Aerogarden Harvest

This indoor garden makes a great gadget for dads with green thumbs. The Aerogarden Harvest allows you to grow up to six plants at a time, so you can access fresh herbs and veggies in your own kitchen.

Plus, it has automatic watering and food reminders, so even if Dad isn't a natural gardener, there will still be fresh produce on hand.

Buy it:Aerogarden.com; ​Price:​ $129.95

8. Atmotube Pro

This wearable, portable air-quality monitor will become your dad's new go-to accessory to help him avoid high exposures to air pollution, which is linked to health issues later down the line.

This gadget for Father's Day also measures atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity to help Dad determine the best environment.

Buy it:Atmotube.com; ​Price:​ $349

9. Stealth Plankster

A Father's Day plank challenge? Yes, please. This game-ified workout — where all you need is your smartphone and Plankster — makes turning, twisting and working your abs a total blast.


Just pick your favorite game, set your phone into the Plankster and start planking.

Buy it:TryStealth.com; ​Price:​ $99

10. Hyperice Venom Leg

Make your dad's rest days count with this on-the-go recovery tool that uses heat and vibrations to help loosen and relieve sore or stiff muscles. Use the built-in touch screen to select your favorite vibration patterns and heat level, then sit back, relax and let healing happen.

This gadget for Dad is on sale now for $50 off through June 20, just in time for you to shop for Father's Day.

Buy it:Hyperice.com; ​Price:​ $199

11. The Mirror

If you want to give Dad the gift that keeps on giving, the Mirror is one of the best health gadgets for the job.

The Mirror is a nearly invisible smart home gym that screens tailored workouts when it's on and doubles as a stylish mirror when it's off. Dad can pick from classes like yoga, strength-training, high-intensity interval training and more to get a custom workout every day. The Mirror also provides performance metrics and logs progress over time.


As a bonus, the Mirror is on sale for Father's Day through June 20 with the code FATHERSDAY22. Snag $200 off, plus free shipping and installation (which amounts to $450 in savings) so dads don't have to lift a finger on their special day.

Buy it:Mirror.co; ​Price:​ $1,295 to $1,845

12. Spärkel Beverage System

Why sip on overly-sugared sodas when you could make your own sparkling drink right at home?

Spärkel Beverage System is the solution: This slim health gadget sits right on your countertop and infuses liquids with carbonation to deliver bottomless beverages without all the aluminum or plastic waste.

Buy it:Sparkel.com;​ ​Price:​ $129.99

13. Uncommon Goods Standing Desk Balance Board

Upgrade your dad's work-from-home-setup with the Standing Desk Balance Board, a cushioned platform that encourages subtle, full-body movement that can help stave off pain or stiffness from slouching in a desk chair all day.

The no-scuff design and bumpers make it a quiet, portable and beneficial addition to any home offie.

Buy it:UncommonGoods.com;​ ​Price:​ $170

14. CleanTray UV Sterilization Pod

This UV sterilization pod is the perfect Father's Day gift gadget for dads on-the-go, and it's currently on sale for $30 off (while supplies last).

Kill 99.99 percent of germs and bacteria on heavily used devices and accessories like phones, watches, glasses and more to keep harmful bugs at bay — in just five minutes.

Buy it:Huckberry.com; ​Price:​ $70

15. Tempo Studio

Give your dad a compact home gym at a discount by shopping Tempo's Memorial Day sale through June 19.

Depending on what package you select, you can get up to $700 off the brand's complete home gym, the Tempo Studio. The A-framed, screen-and-storage duo features thousands of classes and all the equipment dads need to do their favorite workout.

And if the Studio model is too big, you can also save $100 on the space-saving home gym, Tempo Move.

Buy it:Tempo.fit; ​Price:​ $2,495 to $3,995



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