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Goodr's Circle G sunglasses stay in place, keep sweat at bay and keep the sun out of your eyes. Plus, they're only $25.

I'll be the first to admit: I have plenty of quirks — and yes, that's putting it nicely. For one, I get cranky when my blood sugar drops. I also get cranky when I can't pick a movie to watch. I especially get cranky when I'm overstimulated.


Another interesting quirk of mine: Nothing makes me crankier than irritated eyes. I hate touching my eyes, I hate rubbing my eyes, I hate it when they're itchy and I hate it when they're dry. Basically, I could write an entire Dr. Seuss book about my sensitive eyeballs and eyelids.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

I also spend a good portion of my days exercising. And considering I live in California, I also spend a good chunk of that time sweaty in the sun riding my bike, playing beach volleyball or running outside.

Translation: I live in a near-constant state of sweat dripping into my eyes and, therefore, a near-constant state of mild aggravation.

And although they haven't completely solved my problem (I'm aware that my eyeball-related anger shouldn't hold so much space in my brain), exercise sunglasses have made a pretty big difference. Enter, Goodr's Circle G shades.


Goodr Circle G Sunglasses

The Circle G sunglasses protect my eyes during outdoor activities and sunny car rides.

Functionality and Features

Not only do Goodr's Circle G sunglasses protect me from the sun, but they help solve my most annoying problem: sweat in my eyes. I have pretty thick hair, so when my scalp gets sweaty, beads tend to trickle down my forehead into my eyes, summoning my internal rage. But these sunnies act as the perfect barrier.

Plus, they actually help me, well, see when I'm exercising outdoors. Even some of the best glasses don't do me any favors when it comes to strong mid-day sun. But these are polarized and totally reduce the glare from the sky or my cellphone screen. That also means they offer protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. (Check out more of our favorite sun-protective clothing and gear while you're at it!)


These have absolutely zero bounce while I walk, jog or cycle. Although they're originally built for running, they're ideal for pretty much any kind of sport because they stay stable on my face.

Another must-have for me: The slip-preventing grippy coating that keeps my glasses in place during even the sweatiest training sessions. I absolutely hate the feeling of my sunnies sliding down my face when I bend over to tie my shoe or do a push-up. And these glasses deliver.


Get Your Perfect Pair of Goodr Glasses

I've owned plenty of fitness sunglasses over the years, but at only $25 a pair, these are by far the most cost-friendly — especially for their high quality.

But don't take my word for it! After all, there's a reason why the company keeps coming out with new models and colors.


Ready to rock your own pair of Goodr sunglasses on a run, bike ride or walk in the park? Gear up with this excellent pair of sport sunglasses.

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