Chinese Tips for Losing Belly Fat

Chinese people eat about 30 percent more than the average American male, but weigh about 25 percent less, according to a Cornell University study published in Reader’s Digest. This is partly because they eat mostly plant-based foods, but there are some additional Chinese tips for losing belly fat so that you live a healthier life.

Acupuncture strengthens the digestive system to help you lose belly fat.
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Acupuncture in Chinese medicine is used to strengthen the digestive system, stimulating the stomach and spleen to more efficiently transform food so you lose belly fat and reduce your appetite. Acupuncture treatments for weight loss in China have been practiced and developed for the last five years, according to the magazine “Acupuncture Today." This Chinese tip for reducing your appetite and losing belly fat includes 10 sessions of acupuncture, three times per week until finished, then one to two weeks of rest before another course of treatment begins. Some patients in China lose weight with this treatment method. However, losing belly fat with acupuncture can be a long process, taking up to one year in some cases, and there is typically bruising at the needle insertion sites. Despite this, proponents maintain that by the fourth treatment, you will experience a decrease in overall appetite and a reduction of sugar cravings.

Chinese Abdominal Exercises

Chinese belly exercises firm and tone the abdominal muscles and massage the organs near the stomach to improve your digestion, metabolism and the passage of food through your system. For example, the abdominal lift includes a ‘lift, hold and release’ movement that helps reduce belly fat and invigorates the abdominal organs. The forward-backward bend involves stretching your stomach muscles and helps massage your intestines to benefit your organs. Deep breathing with abdominal contractions helps your abs eliminate belly fat and tones the stomach muscles. The slow, deep breathing stimulates your internal organs, as well as energizes you.

Wu-Yi (Oolong) Chinese Tea

While drinking tea alone will not help you lose belly fat or reduce your weight, tea drinking combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise may help decrease your weight. According to the Linus Pauling Institute, in a recent trial 35 overweight men who drank 690 mg catechins per day of Oolong tea with green tea extracts experienced a reduction in body weight, body fat mass, body mass index and subcutaneous fat, compared with those who only drank 33 mg catechins per day. This is because a body with a slow metabolic rate turns food and calories into fat. This Chinese tea speeds up the digestive process so that fat is flushed out of your system.

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