Most Popular Diet Supplement Drinks

Diet drinks may be designed as fat burners or meal replacements.
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Diet drinks are popular because they are convenient to take on the go and can help to curb your appetite. Diet supplement drinks come in a variety of formulations. Some of these supplements are low in calories and contain stimulants and appetite suppressants, while others are intended as low-calorie meal replacements. Because of the variety, you should carefully assess the ingredients and consult a doctor before using any diet supplement drinks, regardless of their reputation or popularity.


According to the fitness and supplement information website called, Celsius is a popular diet supplement. This diet drink comes in 12-oz. cans, and each contains 10 calories. This product is intended as a fat burner, and it contains stimulants and herbal ingredients, such as caffeine, guarana, green tea extract and taurine. As the supplement information website explains, guarana contains high levels of caffeine and may help increase your metabolism, which increases calorie burn. In addition, guarana may have a diuretic effect, which means it flushes water from your body.

Slim-Fast Low-Carb Ready To Drink

Slim-Fast is a dieting plan that offers a variety of nutritional products intended to help you lose weight. Slim-Fast Low-Carb Ready To Drink supplements are meal replacement shakes that are low in calories but intended to keep you full so you'll eat fewer calories throughout the day. Each Low-Carb Ready To Drink shake contains 190 calories, with 20 g of protein and 9 g of fat. Each shake contains 6 g of carbohydrates, but 4 g come from dietary fiber. As "Life Extension" magazine explains, fiber can help promote feelings of fullness and steady blood sugar levels, which may contribute to weight loss.

Champion Ultra Met Lite

According to the fitness and nutrition website,, Champion Ultra Met Lite is among the most popular meal replacement drinks for losing weight. These 190-calorie drinks are high in protein, with 29 g per shake, and low in fat, with 1.5 g per shake. Champion Ultra Met Lite drinks are not low in carbohydrates, as each shake contains 16 g, but the shakes contain a blend of vitamins and minerals--some of which may help you lose weight.

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