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Jose Cuervo makes several varieties of tequila, but all of them have the same calories counts. This tequila can be consumed by the shot or mixed into a drink such as a margarita.


Jose Cuervo comes in many varieties, including 1800, White, Reserva, Citrico and Gold. All have 69 calories per 1-oz shot that you'll need to add to your calorie counter app. Jose Cuervo Especial Gold Tequila is billed as the world's No. 1-selling tequila by


If you create a 4-oz margarita with your Jose Cuervo, you will consume 168 calories per drink, according to the College Drinking Prevention website. That puts the calorie total for two margaritas at 336.


Liquor such as tequila does not raise your blood-glucose levels, but it does contribute calories and as such can promote weight gain, according to "The Joslin Guide to Diabetes," by Richard S. Beaser and Amy P. Campbell. If you make it into a margarita, you are adding carbs in the form of sugar to the mix.

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