The Best Trampoline Exercises

Trampoline exercise, also called rebounding, is almost 70 percent more effective in fitness training than jogging on a track for the same amount of time according to a 2006 NASA research report published in the journal "Aviation, Space and Environmental Medicine." Even the most intense trampoline exercise inflicts less bone and joint impact than running. The best trampoline exercises burn calories, build heart and lung fitness and improve your balance.

An overhead view of a man rebounding on a trampoline.
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With each bounce on a trampoline, you fight the pull of gravity. The higher you jump, the more energy you use, which increases the number of calories you burn. Each landing on a trampoline not only stops your downward movement, but also accelerates you back up, forcing your muscles to react to as much as three times the force of gravity. Rebounding also fine-tunes your sense of balance. Your moment of weightlessness in the air with each bounce exercises a variety of muscles to maintain your orientation for each landing.

Vertical Elevation Dance

As with all trampoline exercises, the basic movement of the vertical elevation dance is jumping up and down. However, at the top of each jump, during the time you hover motionless, you can introduce a few dance moves. These might include a full body twist, an energetic kick, pulling up and hugging your knees or almost anything else that lets you return to the proper, straight upright position before landing. Jump to a lively music beat for rhythm and speed. Select dance routines that emphasize muscles you want to build.

Jumping Jog

The jumping jog combines the benefits of jogging with trampoline jumping, but without the high impact stress of street running. This routine begins at the center of your trampoline, with a few gentle warm-up jumps to establish your balance. Gradually increase the height of your vertical spring. Once you have a steady rhythm of high jumps, start to jog by landing on an alternate foot with each jump. Lift each knee as high as you can for each step. Continue for three minutes. Lengthen the time for more intense cardiovascular and calorie burning benefits. Wind down by returning to your gentle, vertical warm-up routine.

Simple Vertical Bounce

Many trampoline exercise experts advise a simple vertical bouncing routine as one of the best exercises for general muscle toning. The repeated cycling between weightlessness and multiples of normal gravity stimulates flow in your lymphatic system, which enhances clearance of waste from exercising muscles and stimulates your immune system. The simple vertical bounce requires only that you jump at the center of the trampoline bed in smooth movements, making sure you bounce hard enough to lift your feet with each elevation. If you are not confident of your balance in jogging or dancing trampoline exercises and you do not have a spotter, the simple vertical bounce is safest. For all trampoline exercises, observe safety regulations.

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