200-Calorie Breakfast Ideas

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Yogurt is a great option for a low calorie breakfast.
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These 200-calorie breakfast ideas are the perfect portion size to start the day. Packed with nutrition, these high-protein breakfast options will keep your weight goals on track, while also keeping you fueled up and energized. These low-calorie breakfast ideas are also easy to make!

It may sound counter-intuitive, but eating breakfast can actually prevent you from gaining weight. The Mayo Clinic reported that those who ate breakfast actually gained less weight over time than those who skipped out. The theory is that those who ate breakfast were less hungry throughout the day and therefore snacked less.

What's the catch? This doesn't give you a free ticket to load up on cinnamon rolls and expect to lose weight. Stick to these 200-calorie meals for a low-calorie, nutritious meal ideas to get the benefits of breakfast, without the expanding waistline.

Veggie Omelet

A veggie omelet makes the perfect high protein breakfast because it is nutritious, filling, and only 200 calories. In fact, one egg is packed with nutrients and only contains 72 calories. If you are in a rush, skip the omelet and boil some hard-boiled eggs the night before, to grab on your way out the door.

To make the veggie omelet, scramble two eggs in a bowl and pour into a small pan, allowing the eggs to cover the bottom of the pan. Slice one cup of cherry tomatoes (27 calories) and one cup of green peppers (30 calories). Allow the eggs to cook until they start to firm up (about one to two minutes) and then sprinkle on your cherry tomatoes and green peppers. You can use a full cup of each, or less if desired for taste (and less calories). Use a spatula to fold one side over, creating your omelet, and let it cook for a couple more minutes until firm, yet fluffy. Season with salt and pepper.

Avocado Toast

There is a reason why avocado toast is one of the trendiest breakfast choices of the year. Not only is it is nutritious and yummy, but it is the perfect 200-calorie meal when made with the right portion sizes.

This fruit (yes, it's a fruit, not a vegetable) is further recommended by an April 2019 study in Nutrients, which showed that eating avocados helps to keep you feeling full longer. This is compared to a high-carbohydrate meal with the same number of calories, which is more likely to cause you to snack between meals.

One whole avocado does have 322 calories, which is why it is important to watch your portion size. Thankfully, avocado toast is a breeze to make.

Toast one piece of whole-grain bread (81 calories). Slice ½ cup of avocado (117 calories) and smash in a bowl. Add a dash of lemon juice, salt and pepper. Spoon onto toasted bread and, if desired, top with red pepper flakes to add a little kick.

Greek Yogurt with a Twist

Greek yogurt makes a yummy, high-protein breakfast, and you can add in some toppings, such as berries or nuts, to amp up the flavor. If you need another reason to grab a yogurt on your way out the door, a September, 2014 article in Nutrition showed that people who ate seven servings of yogurt a week had a lower risk of being overweight than those who didn't regularly eat yogurt. The study showed that those who ate yogurt in the morning were less hungry in the afternoon, versus those who ate other snacks such as crackers.

Look for nonfat Greek yogurt, which is 100 calories per container, and dress it up with some nutritious and yummy extras, such as blueberries (¼ cup has 21 calories) and almonds. Nuts are nutritious but are high in calories, so toss in no more than a small handful (around 11 almonds) to keep your calorie count reasonable. Other yogurt mix-in options include strawberries (49 calories in one cup), raspberries (64 calories in one cup) or crunchy pecans (10 calories per nut).

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Two-Ingredient Pancakes

Yes, you can eat a pancake without going over your 200-calorie meal limit. Even better, they are a breeze to make, as they only have two ingredients: banana and egg whites.

Smash a ripe banana (105 calories) and whisk in two egg whites (34 calories for both). You can add in zero-calorie sweetener like Splenda, or sprinkle in some cinnamon for a bit more flavor. Pour into a heated pan. Once the pancake starts to firm up on one side, flip it over. Once it is cooked, spray on a bit of zero-calorie spray butter, and garnish with low-calorie pancake syrup or low-calorie jam, such as Smuckers Low Sugar Reduced Sugar Strawberry Preserves. To add in a bit more protein, you can add a smear of peanut butter, however keep it under 1/2 of a tablespoon to keep this breakfast under 200 calories. For a touch of sweetness, add a dusting of powdered sugar over the top.

Superfoods Smoothie

Smoothies are easy to grab on your way out the door, but many of them contain way too many calories. To keep smoothies figure-friendly, load them up with nutritious, low-calorie fruits and veggies like spinach and berries, and avoid higher-calories foods like bananas and peanut butter.

Swap out milk for lower-calorie Greek yogurt or light juices. You also need to watch portion sizes. Many smoothie recipes make several servings, so calculate how many calories are in each serving, to make sure you are keeping your calorie count accurate.

A Superfoods Smoothie makes the perfect 200 calorie breakfast idea. Plus, it is a great way to get antioxidants into your diet. This delicious smoothie recipe contains bananas, blueberries, greek yogurt, baby spinach and pomegranate juice. This recipe makes three servings (perfect to share with your spouse or kids) and each serving only has 131 calories.

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Skinny Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

Skinny apple cinnamon oatmeal is the ultimate comfort breakfast food that tastes high in calories, but will quickly become one of your favorite 200-calorie meals. Take one cup of cooked oatmeal (168 calories) and mix in ½ cup of apple chunks (32 calories), along with a packet of zero-calorie Splenda and a dash of cinnamon. You can also spray zero-calorie spray butter to get the taste of butter without the calories.

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