Woman running in mountains
Chili con Carne
woman eating a yoghurt
Chocolate protein powder spilled from yellow scoop
sliced kiwi on a plate with a fork
Close-up of a cut open pumpkin on a cutting board with a knife
Muesli Bars with Blueberries in a bowl
New toilet bowl

Gluten & Constipation

Indian spices-Fenugreek in wooden spoon.
Red pomegranate
fresh ginger root on wooden chopping block.

Ginger & Constipation

stomach ache, woman lying on bed
Business colleagues with drinks and notepads on table in meeting
Dried apricots background

Oranges & Constipation

Summer fresh healthy liquid smoothie with watermelon, lemon and mint
Weetabix Breakfast Cereal
Gatorade Launch Event
Fresh Apple Juice
glass of fresh green spinach healthy smoothie
banana on wood
psyllium seed
mature woman having stomach ache
Woman mixing nuts into muesli, close up

Constipation & Granola

Sick woman taking drugs
Liquorice Allsorts Candy
Probiotics and Prebiotics in juice
Young woman in Parivrtta Sukhasana pose
Wheat field
Woman sitting on bed holding stomach, head bowed
Raw Organic Spring Farmers Market Box
Bowl of blueberries on white wood
A woman sitting on the toilet at home suffering from constipation from iron supplements
Pelvic pain
Constipated With a Headache? There May Be a Connection
Women exercise at winter