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Foot Health

Causes of Pain in the Big Toe and Ball of the Foot

The average adult takes about 9,000 steps per day. With each step, as the foot rolls forward, body weight shifts onto the ball of ...

Causes of Tingling in the Hands and Feet

There are numerous causes of hand and foot tingling, and tingling in the extremities is often accompanied by numbness. According t...

Hammer Toe Improving Exercises

When toes are normal, they extend straight out and have a natural slight downward curvature. But when hammer toes develop, they're...

Why Feet Are Ticklish

Lightly trailing a feather or a finger over the instep of someone's foot usually causes several predictable reactions: The person ...

Causes of Foot Arch Pain While Running

Causes of Foot Arch Pain While Running. Running is a convenient form of exercise that requires little more than motivation, energy...

Rash on Top of Feet & Ankles

Rashes and uncomfortable skin conditions that appear on top of the feet typically are different than skin disorders that attack ot...

Foot Pain and Injuries From a Treadmill

Hopping on a treadmill often leads to weight loss, a heart-pumping workout and a toned lower body. Regular use of one, however, so...

The Best Golf Shoes for Plantars

A steady golf swing depends on steady footing. And steady footing depends to a large degree upon the shoes you wear. You spend a l...

Exercise & Cold Feet

It can be disturbing to develop cold feet while you are exercising, particularly if symptoms are new. Exercise-related cold feet c...

I Have Aching and Burning in My Feet After Walking

Walking can lead to aches and a burning sensation, especially when walking for long distances. These uncomfortable side effects ca...
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