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Ideal Height and Weight

The Best Exercise and Eating Advice for Your Body Type

It’s not so much which exercises you do, it’s how you structure your workouts, taking into account exercise order, reps perfor...

Why the Scale Is the Worst Indicator of Overall Health

Someone with a tiny waist may actually face more health issues than an athlete whose body mass index (BMI) qualifies as obese....

The Danger Lurking Behind Every #Fitspo Instagram Post

A new study claims that Instagram fitness influencers are more prone to eating disorders than other women. ...

Growth Charts for Determining Normal Teen Weight

With obesity rates in teens rising, you may wonder how your teen's weight compares to normal weight ranges. The growth charts ...

The Normal Weight & Height for a 4-Year-Old

Most child characteristics—including weight and height—vary across a wide range. View any group of children of the sam...

How to Calculate Ideal Body Weight Percent

The body mass index is used to gain an idea of the amount of body fat that you have based on your height and weight. It’s us...

Average Height and Weight of Three-Year-Olds

To determine whether a child is growing at a healthy pace in both height and weight, many pediatricians and child care providers c...

Normal Weight & Height for a Three-Month-Old Baby

Once a baby is born, one of the parent's biggest concerns is making sure the baby is normal. A normal height and weight indicate t...

The Best Way to Get in Shape at Home

Fitness does not have to happen at the gym or playing field. Instead, you can create an at-home workout that emphasizes muscle bui...

The Ideal Body Weight for Petite Women

Your ideal body weight is largely based on your height. Even petite women can use their height to determine their ideal body weigh...
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