What Is Calcium Orotate?

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Two molecules of orotic acid combine to form a single molecule of calcium orotate, in which a calcium atom takes the place of two hydrogen atoms (one H atom from each of the orotic acids). Calcium orotate is found in almost all living organisms in small quantities. Its molecular formula is C10H6CaN4O82H2O and its molecular weight is 386.3g per mol.


German physician Dr. Hans Nieper first used calcium orotate as a supplement for calcium intake. He used the calcium orotate for treating or preventing several health disorders, such as multiple sclerosis, angina pectoris, hepatitis, arthritis, lupus erythematosus, spondylitis, retinitis, high blood pressure, colitis and phlebitis. Nieper suggested that calcium orotates are mush more efficient at acting as the bioavailability enhancers for various minerals (e.g., calcium) instead of using the other forms of bioavailability enhancers like chlorides, carbonates, sulfates and many other anions.


According to Lifelinknet.com, "Orotate (orotic acid) is a biochemical substance made by all cells. It is a necessary raw material for making the genetic substances RNA and DNA." Calcium orotate is the principle substance that is used in making calcium supplements. Several studies have confirmed the theory that calcium orotate is much more efficient than calcium carbonate in reaching each of the body cells, where it is required. It is also postulated that calcium orotate helps in weight loss along with strengthening of the bones.


Calcium is one of the most essential minerals required in the body for providing structural material to the bones and teeth. It is also required for keeping the communication intact among the cells as well as within a cell. Lifeinknet.com reports that, "The optimum dietary calcium intake for humans ranges from about 400 to 1500 mg/day depending upon age." Calcium orotate supplements are able to easily supply this dietary intake of calcium by the body.


It is widely accepted that calcium supplements are one of the best means to prevent the occurrence of bone loss and osteoporosis. Although several different calcium supplements can be used, the most effective formula is based upon calcium orotate. Calcium orotate supplements provide comparatively more usable calcium in a definite amount of supplement.

Other Health Benefits

Calcium orotate helps in controlling weight by suppressing the habit of frequent appetite of chronic overeaters. It is also beneficial in reducing the effects of mood swings and is proved to be quite effective in cognitive enhancement. Calcium orotate protects the heart by enhancing the efficiency of cardiac muscles. It also stops the release of hormones that are responsible for premenstrual mood disorders including depression, anxiety and irritability. Recent studies on calcium orotate indicate its potential to minimize the risk of colon cancer.

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