Reese Witherspoon's 10-Year Challenge Pic Proves She's Aging in Reverse

Reese Witherspoon has reversed the hands of time with these wellness tips and tricks.
Image Credit: Marla Aufmuth/Getty Images Entertainment/GettyImages

This week the #10YearChallenge has been sweeping the internet, with civilians and celebrities alike hopping on the viral bandwagon. Reese Witherspoon was one of many stars who played along, and let's just say she slayed the competition. I mean, seriously, the 42-year-old Oscar winner looked younger in her after photo than she did in her before. How is that even possible?

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While the mother-of-three definitely makes wellness a priority, you may be surprised how doable her diet and fitness routines really are. If you want to slow down — or maybe even reverse — the aging process, you might want to consider absorbing some of her healthy habits.

No Crash Diets

You won't find Witherspoon endorsing the latest fad diet. "I don't believe in crash dieting or anything like that," the Southern star told Us Weekly. Michael George, a trainer who has worked with Reese, suggested to Shape that if you want to eat like Reese, "eat clean and healthy with small meals and snacks daily." As evidence by her social media accounts, she also indulges when she pleases and doesn't see the harm of having an alcoholic beverage on occasion. Life's too short, right?

Why should you avoid crash diets? While you might think they are an easy way to lose weight fast, not only can they slow your metabolism but can also increase your risk for gallstones, decrease your lean body mass and lead you to malnutrition. And, even if you do lose a significant amount of weight, it's likely you will gain it back just as fast.

HIIT Workouts

Witherspoon confessed to Us Weekly that she exercises "all of the time," to stay in shape — and for her mental health. "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy!" she proclaimed on Instagram.

In addition to working out with a trainer, she is a regular at various exercise classes, including Burn 60, a high-intensity interval training studio. According to trainer Keith Anthony, the workout dedicates half the time to strength training work with resistance bands and dumbbells and barbells and body weight and the other half to the treadmill.

Jogging and Hiking — With Friends!

In addition to indoor workouts, Reese loves to get her sweat on in the great outdoors — and sometimes makes it a group activity. "I like to run for about an hour, and I'm big into working out with girlfriends. It's an acquired skill, being able to discuss your love life, children, and friends — all while you're running! But we have mastered it," she told Good Housekeeping.

Science has found that both working out al fresco and buddying up with a workout partner can up your workout game, keep you motivated and more likely to exercise.

Green Juice

Witherspoon starts every day with Glowing Green Smoothie, courtesy of her nutritionist Kimberly Snyder. The ridiculously healthy drink is packed with lots of good stuff — spinach, romaine lettuce, celery, apple, pear, banana, cilantro and parsley. Just one serving contains over three cups of dark leafy greens — way more than many people get in a whole week.


Reese's Instagram feed is filled with so many coffee endorsements, you might think she is getting paid! However, like us, the star is just a huge fan of the extra caffeine boost she gets from a cup of java.

Drinking coffee daily has a bunch of health benefits. Not only can it improve your workout and help keep your brain sharp, it may lower your risk of type 2 diabetes, aid in weight loss and even keep depression at bay, amongst other things.


Reese is a devoted yogi, showing off a variety of her favorite poses on her Instagram feed. According to E!, Reese practices strong flow three times a week with Kirschen Hagenlocher. And, in addition to doing traditional yoga, in the past she has taken more progressive classes, blending the practice with high-energy music like rock, pop and hip-hop.

A few of the benefits of incorporating yoga into your life other than helping you get into shape and improving your flexibility include relaxation, better sleep and increased concentration.

Coconut Water

One of Witherspoon's go-to hydration methods comes in the form of coconut water. Whether bottled or straight out of the shell, coconut water boasts some serious health benefits.

Coconut water is not only hydrating but it also boasts about seven to 10 percent of the fiber you need every day and is abundant in magnesium, copper, manganese and potassium. It can also be a great addition to any smoothie or juice.

Growing Her Own Produce

Most celebrities and health experts suggest purchasing organic produce over conventional, but Witherspoon takes it one step further. The star actually grows some of her own fruits and veggies, once showing off her little greens garden and strawberry patch.

In addition to the likelihood that you will be eating fresher and less toxic fruits and veggies by growing them yourself, gardening can also be considered a form of moderate daily exercise. All of the physical labor that goes into planting and harvesting will not only help burn calories, but also help build muscle and improve muscle function.

Congrat, Reese Witherspoon for winning the looking great at any age challenge! All the hard work has clesrly paid off.