Schwinn Mountain Bikes Review

What to Look For

Schwinn bicycles have attempted to enter the mountain bike market since the late 1980s without much success. The company has gone through multiple ownerships and bankruptcy, and never really put out a solid line of mountain bikes. It did come out with the Homegrown bike models in 2000 before going bankrupt again in 2001.

The 2010 Schwinn mountain bikes come in a hard-tail frame with the choice of either steel or aluminum. In 2009, Schwinn had a full-suspension mountain bike with the Active Link Full Suspension System that offered up to 4 to 5 inches in travel. However, these bikes are not listed on its website as of 2010. The three models offered are the Frontier, Frontier Sport and the Frontier Expert, both for men and women.

Common Pitfalls

When buying a Schwinn mountain bike you should know what kind of bike you are purchasing. The Frontier series is for the recreational rider who enjoys easy, nontechnical trails and riding with the family on the weekends. The components and frame material are designed accordingly. If you use one of these mountain bikes for a more advanced and technical trail, you may find some of the parts could break.

Where to Buy

Commonly retail stores that sell Schwinn are Walmart, Kmart, Target and Sears. There are also still some bike shops that are Schwinn distributors, and you can search your local area on Schwinn's website. You can also purchase them online at places like, Bike Nashbar and Performance Bicycle.


The price for a Schwinn mountain bike averages between $300 and $450 depending on which Frontier model you chose to buy. Previous-year models the cost could average between $300 and $1,000, again depending on model. The full-suspension bikes are normally more expensive because of added components.