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Organic supplements contain phytonutrients from organic whole foods.

Eating a balanced diet consisting of a variety of whole foods is the best way to get the vitamins and minerals you need. However, if you have a health issue that prevents you from eating right, you may benefit from vitamin and mineral supplements. The Mayo Clinic says that vegans and vegetarians may need supplements, since some vitamins such as B vitamins, are available in animal products. Pregnant or lactating women—as well as women who are trying to get pregnant—will also benefit from supplements. Because they are derived from pesticide-free whole foods, organic vitamins are a source of safe, natural vitamins and minerals, according to PhytoVitamins.

NewMark Organic Vitamins

New Mark organic vitamins are whole food vitamins. The nutrients in these supplements are derived from organic foods that are free of harmful insecticides and herbicides. These supplements are certified organic by the International Certification Service, ICS, a third party accreditation organization under the USDA's National Organic Program. says that these supplements contain phytonutrients from organic plants, not synthetic vitamins from a laboratory.


PhytoVitamins are made from organic whole foods and are 100 percent vegetarian. They do not contain any animal parts such as spleen, liver, bone or glands. The nutrients in PhytoVitamins come from certified organic plants, fruits and vegetables.

Intra-Max Liquid Multi-Vitamin

According to the Global Healing Center, Intra-Max multi-vitamin liquid contains 415 nutrients from certified organic sources. The nutrients are ultra-dissolved for proper assimilation. This liquid contains 72 trace minerals that are lacking in soil today, and therefore are not available from plants—plants can only provide you with minerals they take up from the soil. Your body absorbs trace minerals best if the minerals are chelated. Natural chelation with fulvic acid makes the mineral ions nearly 100 percent bio-avialable to your body. Minerals in salt or rock form, or those in mineral complexes, cannot be broken down by your body for proper absorption. Intra-Max is Tropical Passion flavored, so there is no unpleasant metallic taste from the minerals, says Global Healing Center.

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