The Minestrone Soup Diet

A bowl of minestrone soup on a table.
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A soup diet relies upon a low-calorie, high-fiber vegetable soup to supplement the diet at meals and between meals. The minestrone style soup typically contains cabbage, broth, tomatoes and a variety of low-calorie vegetables. Depending upon the diet you choose, you may consume specific foods each day, or you can use a minestrone style soup to keep your daily calorie intake within your goal range.


Soup diets range from well-balanced, calorie controlled diets that include a wide variety of foods to crash diets that rely primarily upon vegetable soup, including specific foods on each day of the diet. You can also integrate a simple minestrone style soup into any calorie controlled diet to keep you full longer and help you to control your total calorie consumption.



While specific low-calorie soup recipes vary, you can create a minestrone style vegetable soup that is low in fat and calories and rich in fiber and flavor. Saute onion, garlic, celery and peppers in a bit of water or stock to keep the fat to a minimum. If you are comfortable adding a bit of oil, saute these aromatics in a small amount of olive oil. Add broth, canned tomatoes and their juice, and vegetables to your minestrone. Add green beans, squash and chopped leafy greens, like spinach, kale or cabbage. Simmer until the mixture is cooked through, recommends Weight Watchers. Season your soup with basil, oregano, garlic and rosemary or leave it simply seasoned with salt and pepper to add additional herbs and spices when you warm it.



Low-calorie broth-based soups can fill you up. Cabbage and other greens in the soup provide fiber and additional fluids may reduce the feeling of hunger common on a reduced calorie diet. If you opt to add a light minestrone soup to a well balanced diet, you may find that you can reduce your portions at meals or eliminate between meal snacking. The traditional cabbage soup diet relies upon the soup as the basis for an extremely calorie restrictive diet, typically between 800 and 1,000 calories per day.


An extremely low-calorie diet, like the cabbage soup diet, produces quick weight loss. Typically, the weight lost during this diet is water weight, but it can help to start your diet off on a positive note, suggests the Cabbage Soup Diet 7 Day website. Adding soup to a regular low-calorie diet may help you to stick to your diet and avoid hunger, reports "Good Housekeeping."



Adding a low-calorie soup to your diet is an ideal way to control calories and increase your vegetable intake, but crash diets that rely almost exclusively on this soup are too low in calories and may leave you feeling lightheaded or unwell, according to the Cabbage-Soup-Diet website. You may find that the high-fiber soup causes digestive upset.