List of High Vibrational Foods

For those who experience environmental and other sensitivities as well as folks who elect to eat as healthfully as possible, consuming certain foods purported to be higher in vibration is a choice that many people are making. But how does one know which foods fall into the high vibrational category? High vibration foods give you an uplifting, positive energy when you eat them. According to wellness coach Kathleen Kalil, "When we eat high-vibrational foods, our energy is high and our life force is strong. We have better focus, emotional balance, and plentiful energy to handle whatever the day brings."

Vegetables and Fruits

Fresh, organic vegetables and fruits are grown with clean and sustainable farming practices by people who care. Greens, because they grow upward and collect the energy of the sun, are an excellent source for of high vibration in food that helps to alkalinize the body.

Organic Foods

Organic whole grains grown in rich soil, as well as dairy and meat products produced without pesticides, hormones and antibiotics and certified organic by government certifying agencies, are considered higher vibrational foods.

Super Foods

Foods that are extra high in nutrients such as nuts, nutrient-dense foods like lacto-fermented vegetables and kefir, berries (blueberries especially), wheatgrass, barley green, Spirulina and blue-green algae energize, alkalinize and help clear and balance the system.

Raw Food

Eating foods raw or minimally processed retains their nutrients and supplies a higher vibration when they are consumed.


Original Himalyan crystal salt, or pink salt, comes from deep within the earth and from a time when the ecosystem was pristine. The minerals in the salt are suspended in a crystalline structure in colloidal form making it easier for them to be absorbed and assimilated into the body.

Natural Celtic sea salt contains a high amount of nutrients and minerals supplying the body with added energy and increasing the vibration.

Reiki Infused Foods

Kathleen Kalil goes on to say that holding your hands over your food to energize and activate their enzymes raises the vibration. A level 1 Reiki degree will be enough for activating foods and bringing in more energy.

Sweets and Treats

Cacao, the raw form of chocolate found in the pod-fruit of the cacao tree, is known as the "food of the gods" by the Aztecs and Maya. According to David Wolfe, author of "Naked Chocolate," cacao is the most revered of all rainforest foods. Cacao is estimated to have over 1,200 phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins and a host of high-vibrational properties.

All cacao derivatives like cacao nibs, butter and powder are effective.

Gogi berries, a super power house of nutrition, are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and multiple nutrients.

Raw agave nectar, a sweet, vanilla-like syrup from the Agave plant, has a low glycemic index and is used for sweetening foods, helping to energize and raise their vibration.

Oils, Seasonings and Medicinal

Extra virgin coconut oil, high in fatty acids found in mother's milk, is easy to digest and has antiviral and antifungal properties. It contains lauric acid, which boosts the metablolism.

Young coconuts including the flesh and coconut water, often known as pipa de agua, is highly alkalinizing and can be eaten plain or mixed with other foods. The coconut water makes a refreshing, cleansing drink.

Maca, a tuber related to the radish is cultivated in Peru and can be eaten fresh, dried or powdered. Maca is known for its hormone-balancing effects, raising energy and vibration. The powdered form is what can be found most readily in the United States.

Fresh organic herbs are excellent sources of nutrients and help to raise energy levels.

Other Considerations

If you are unable to find or afford eating a purely organic diet, at least eliminate some of the more problematic chemicals like MSG and foods that are known to be highly laden with pesticides. According to Jenna Avery in her Shopper's Guide to Pesticides, buy the following foods in organic form only to avoid the worst of chemically treated food: peaches, apples, bell pepper, celery, nectarine, strawberries, cherries, kale, lettuce, grapes, carrots and pears.

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