What is Red Panax Ginseng Extractum?

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Panax ginseng is one of the most highly studied herbs.
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Red panax ginseng extractum is the extract of a form of panax ginseng, a perennial plant that grows in Russia, China and Korea. Known as red, panax, Asian or Korean ginseng, it is used as a tonic in traditional herbal medicine. Panax ginseng is one of the most highly studied herbs. Red panax ginseng extractum is usually obtained through steam distillation, organic solvent, vacuum or superfluid extraction methods.

Medicinal Properties

Red panax ginseng extractum contains ginsenosides, chemicals that have both stimulatory and inhibitory effects on the central nervous system. It also exhibits certain antioxidant, anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties. It can also bolster the immune system and may be useful in treating diabetes.


Ginseng extractum is often taken as a stimulant to improve mood, manage stress and increase a sense of vitality and general well-being. It is also used to improve erectile function and is considered to be an aphrodisiac. It is taken to increase thinking ability and mental function.

Forms of Red Panax Ginseng Extractum

Red panax ginseng extractum is primarily sold as a liquid in small vials or bottles usually 10 or 30 to a box. It is also available in dried powder form and in capsules and tablets.


The typical daily dosage of red panax ginseng extractum is 2,000 milligrams per day of an extract containing from 4 to 7 percent of ginsenosides. Because there are many different ginsenosides in panax ginseng, different products may deliver different quantities of specific ginsenosides, resulting in different effects. Usually panax ginseng extractum is used for a period of two to three weeks, followed by a one- to two-week rest period.

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