Six Day Diet to Lose Weight & Cleanse the Body

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Dieters perform cleanses to eliminate toxins from their digestive systems. A six-day cleanse diet involves following a restrictive diet plan and eating foods that promote frequent bowel movements. Talk to your doctor before beginning a cleanse diet, because it can be dangerous for your health.


Typical modern meals contain foods with trace pesticides, fertilizers, preservatives, hormones, additives and other chemicals. These chemicals enter your digestive system and accumulate in the liver and colon, according to Just Cleansing. Environmental toxins purportedly cause gastrointestinal distress, fatigue, weight gain and other medical symptoms that may be relieved by a body cleanse.


A six-day cleanse requires dieters to remove all processed, calorie-dense foods from their meals. The website Seasons India recommends making a large batch of vegetable broth to eat several times per day. The bulk of your meals should consist of this soup, fruits and vegetables. Vary your meals by eating both cooked and fresh fruits and vegetables. Small portions of whole-wheat bread and nonfat dairy products are permissible.


Eating large amounts of fruits and vegetables provides your body with essential vitamins and minerals. However, a cleanse diet plan significantly restricts your caloric intake. Eat large portions of soup, vegetables and fruit to maintain your energy levels and avoid hunger pangs. Drinking green tea or juices keeps your body hydrated, promotes regular bowel movements and prevents negative cleansing side effects such as dizziness.


Most dieters lose several pounds during a six-day cleanse. This weight loss occurs because of calorie restriction and frequent bowel movements that clear the digestive system of excess waste. Seasons India reports that a six-day cleanse improves your complexion, relieves gastrointestinal distress, lowers stress, reduces fatigue and improves sleep quality. A cleanse may boost your mood and increase overall feelings of well-being.


Many doctors dispute the efficacy of cleanse diet plans. The Mayo Clinic reports that cleansing is unnecessary and possibly harmful. Your organs naturally neutralize toxins and eliminate excess waste. Following a restrictive diet plan may cause you to become malnourished and weak. Consult a doctor before beginning any cleanse diet. Symptoms attributed to environmental toxins may be indicative of a serious medical condition.