Side Effects of Melatonin Plus Theanine

Melatonin plus Theanine is an over-the-counter sleep product used to combat insomnia, mild sleep disturbances and to combat jet lag. posits that melatonin plus theanine has a high safety profile, however, caution should be exercised for use in diabetics, heart patients and those with autoimmune disease. This supplement should not be taken while pregnant or breast-feeding as effects on the baby are unknown. As always, discuss all treatment options with a licensed health professional before attempting to self-medicate.

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Impaired Ability to Focus

Melatonin plus theanine is an effective sedative agent that may also be used in low doses for relaxation purposes during waking hours. When taking this supplement during the day, some individuals have reported an inability to retain focus or concentrate on tasks. recommends waiting an hour before attempting to operate a vehicle or make important decisions. It may take up to four hours for the sedative effects of this supplement to wear off. When taking this supplement for sleep, it is important to get seven to eight hours of rest for optimal benefits and decreased likelihood of problems with focus during the daytime.


Other patients taking melatonin plus theanine have reported dizziness upon standing after sleep. To avoid accident or injury, it is important to start with lower doses to see how the supplement will cause the body to react. According to MedlinePlus, an online resource of the National Institutes of Health, this product may not be suitable for those taking medications to suppress the immune system, manage blood sugar or treat high blood pressure. If dizziness persists, discontinue use and contact your physician for further directions. It could mean that the dose is too high or sleep was cut short upon waking before seven to eight hours.

Low Energy

Melatonin with theanine is a double-acting sedative supplement. When individuals travel great distances or work odd shifts during the middle of the night, the body has a difficult time adjusting and falling asleep. Theanine is a natural herb found in teas to promote relaxation and decrease oxidative stress in the body. In addition to promoting sleep, the addition of the theanine encourages relaxation and can cause low energy as a result. As an extract from tea leaves, theanine also has the tendency to calm the stressed and combat anxiety. suggests that low energy is generally not a substantial problem with this supplement, but it probably should not be taken if sleep is going to be cut short.

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