Weight Watchers Points for Starbucks

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Man pouring a drink at Starbucks
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If you've ever been motivated to lose weight, there's a good chance you've heard of Weight Watchers. The original Weight Watchers Points program has been renamed the PointsPlus program, but it has the same overall emphasis on making nutritious choices using a food rating system individualized to meet your weight-loss goals. Depending on the nutrition content of the food item, Starbucks offerings range from 0 to 15 using the PointsPlus system.

Beverage Choices

If you drink your regular or decaffeinated coffee, this hot beverage results in 0 points. Hot or iced espresso beverages with 2 percent milk range in points from the Caffe Americano with 0 to the seasonal peppermint white chocolate mocha with whipped cream at 14. Select a light, blended Frappuccino, and your beverage will have a value of 3 to 6 points. An array of tea drinks is also available, and depending on the sugar content, they contain 0 to 9 points.

Sandwiches and Sweets

Starbucks also offers breakfast sandwiches and wraps along with an assortment of desserts, breads and muffins. The breakfast items start at 3 points for oatmeal without toppings and trend up to 14 points for a breakfast sandwich. Additionally, the sweet items on the menu range from 3 to 13 points.

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