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Dessert Recipes

Decadent Gluten-Free Blondies With a Surprising Secret Ingredient

Hit with a massive case of the munchies? Bake a batch of these easy-to-make chocolate chip blondies. It’s a gluten-free snack th...

Healthy Frosting

Frosting is often laden with butter and refined sugar, but these elements are not necessary for a rich, decorative cake topping. N...

How to Thicken Pudding Without Flour or Cornstarch

Soft, creamy puddings are an easy dessert to like, combining sweet, rich flavors with a cool and silky-soft texture. Most recipes ...

What's Really Inside a Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll?

We know, it's so hard to resist walking by any Cinnabon, especially at the mall or airport where your healthy food options are...

Easy 2-Minute Dessert Recipes to Make for the Holidays

Think it’s impossible to make a delectable dessert in minutes? Think again. Beyond being incredibly quick to prepare, these ...

3 Doughnut Recipes That Are Totally Guilt Free

We’ve created three incredibly delicious (and simple to make) gluten- and grain-free doughnuts. One is Paleo, one is vegan, one ...

Low Calorie Peach Cobbler

Just because a dessert has fruit doesn't mean it is healthy or low in calories. While peaches themselves are relatively low in...

How Do I Make Simple Icing Without Vanilla Extract?

Simple buttercream icing is typically flavored with vanilla extract to add something beyond the sugar and butter flavors, but the ...

How to Make a Two-Tier Fondant Cake

Buttercream is the standard frosting for most cakes you find in grocery stores and corner bakeries, but fondant is a separate vari...

How to Replace Ingredients to Make Brownies Healthier

Whether gooey and cookie-like or fluffy and cake-like, chocolate brownies lend a delicious dessert to a box lunch, provide a sweet...
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