8 Decadent Desserts You'll Never Guess Are Packed With Protein

High-protein desserts like homemade banana ice cream is a perfect pick-me-up that won't derail your diet.
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A dessert with health benefits? Yes, there's such a thing! These eight decadent dessert recipes pack in the protein to help build your muscles and keep your belly full without sacrificing flavor. With 9 grams of protein per serving or more, these mouthwatering sweets will have you feeling so satisfied, you (probably) won't even reach for seconds.


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1. Better-for-You Banana Split

This healthy banana split is packed with protein from the Greek yogurt.

This low-fat twist on the classic banana split substitutes high-protein Greek yogurt for vanilla ice cream. Potassium-packed bananas and vitamin C–rich raspberries add natural sweetness to this healthier alternative without overloading on sugar. But no banana split would be complete without a sprinkle of nuts! Crunchy pistachios make the perfect topping and pack an extra dose of protein and healthy fats.

Get the‌ ‌Better-for-You Banana Split recipe and nutrition info here.

2. Tiramisu Protein Pancakes With Banana-Cream Frosting

These cake-inspired flapjacks have over 30 grams of protein!

Breakfast for dessert? Start the day off — or end the night — right with these decadent high-protein tiramisu pancakes made from heart-healthy rolled oats and fiber-rich ground flaxseed. Skip the sugary maple syrup and top off these flavorful flapjacks with a creamy cottage cheese-based banana frosting.


Get the‌ ‌Tiramisu Protein Pancakes With Banana-Cream Frosting recipe and nutrition info here.


3. Chocolate Almond Protein Cocoa

Hot cocoa with over 20 grams of protein and just 9 grams of sugar? Count us in.

Organic almond butter adds a rich, nutty note to this chocolate-packed, creamy hot cocoa meant to be sipped by the fire in your jammies on a crisp fall evening. Compared to a Starbucks' grande Hot Chocolate, this healthier homemade version contains about a fifth of the sugar and 8 more grams of protein.


Get the Chocolate Almond Protein Cocoa‌ ‌recipe and nutrition info here.

4. High-Protein Chocolate Doughnuts

Stay lean and boost your metabolism while indulging in these doughnuts.

Loaded with fiber-filled black beans (you won't even taste them!) and whey protein powder, these chocolate doughnuts are moist enough to melt in your mouth. The icing on top? A warm peanut butter glaze that's guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Get the High-Protein Chocolate Doughnuts‌ ‌recipe and nutrition info here.

5. Blueberry-Banana Protein Muffins

These fruit-based morning muffins are packed with protein and fiber giving them more staying power.

Munch on these muffins in the morning and stay satisfied until lunch thanks to the fiber-filled whole wheat flour and protein-packed Greek yogurt. The best part? No added sugar. Fresh bananas and blueberries lend these muffins all the sweetness you need minus the mid-morning sugar crash.



Get the Blueberry-Banana Protein Muffins‌ ‌recipe and nutrition info here.

6. Cocoa-Coated Protein Superfood Truffles

You'll never guess these superfood truffles contain chickpeas.

Chickpeas, peanut butter and vanilla protein powder form the foundation of these plant-based, pop-in-your-mouth dessert bites. With healthy fats from coconut oil and a mere 13 grams of carbs per serving, these yummy truffles may be the perfect way to crush your carb cravings if you're following a low-carb diet like keto.


Get the Cocoa-Coated Protein Superfood Truffles‌ ‌recipe and nutrition info here.

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7. Passion Fruit Protein Mousse

Spoon into this light and silky dairy-free mousse tonight.

Add a little passion in the form of passionfruit to your dessert! This light and silky, dairy-free mousse owes its natural sweetness to passion fruit pulp, which is full of fiber and antioxidants. Keep the recipe plant-based by choosing a protein powder made from hemp, brown rice or pea protein or a blend of all three.



Get the Passion Fruit Protein Mousse recipe and nutrition info here.

8. Banana Berry Protein Ice Cream

Try this homemade ice cream for a healthier take on your favorite dessert.

Frozen bananas and light coconut milk replace milk, cream, sugar and eggs in this healthier take on ice cream. This delightfully creamy alternative will curb your Ben and Jerry's craving while helping you build strong muscles thanks to the addition of vanilla whey protein powder. Want to make it dairy-free? Sub in a plant-based protein powder for whey.

Get the Banana Berry Protein Ice Cream recipe and nutrition info here.

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