Falling aloe vera extract
High pile of delicious pancakes

Pancakes and Diarrhea

Healthy fresh rainbow colored fruits and vegetables in a row
Cinnamon sticks and powder

Can Cinnamon Cause Diarrhea?

Woman in computer room sleeping
Close up shot of handsome young guy piggybacking his girlfriend drinking soft drink outdoors.
Cheese, Dairy Product, Variation
Chewing gum

Chewing Gum and Diarrhea

Woman holding stomach because of excessive bowel movements.
Woman holding glass of water
Young slim dark haired girl doing stretching on yoga mat
Sweet pumpkin jam in jar

What to Eat Following Diarrhea

Woman adding hot sauces on crispy, crunchy fried chicken. Fast food
Picture from above of a healthy breakfast
Ginger root
buffet food

Overeating and Diarrhea

Delicious beef steak

Steak and Diarrhea

Serving chocolate ice cream into a bowl.
Sugar (close-up shot)
Carrot juice
Blackberries Ripe and Unripe
Freshly baked round loaves of white bread
Chinese food
Porterhouse steak on a plate
Fresh ripe apples in bowl
mandarins in a wooden bowl
Easter eggs and assorted chocolate on wooden table
Peanuts in bowl on rustic wooden table
Natural yogurt
hands forming a heart

Diarrhea & Electrolyte Imbalance

Ingredients for a healthy salad on gray stone background. Smoked salmon, avocado, spinach, sorrel, radis sprouts, black cumin. Flat lay. Healthy diet. Symbolic image.
Peanut butter sandwich with fruits
Happy woman eating cottage cheese

Can Probiotics Cause Diarrhea?

Valentine Breakfast
Cup of coffee surrounded by coffee beans.
Woman hand is holding a fresh burger before eating on street
Salt popcorn in the wooden bowl on the wooden table.
Assortment  different types of beans
Fresh oysters served on ice
soybean pod
Wooden bowl of cashew nuts from above. On dark wood.
Woman holding belly, suffering from pain and thinking about foods to avoid with an upset stomach

Food to Calm Diarrhea


Herbs That Cause Diarrhea

Close up Young Afro-American Man Sitting on Toilet
Licorice roots, licorice powder and licorice product
Raw steak
Cropped Hands Cutting Banana On Chopping Board

Food to Eat After Diarrhea

saltine crackers
Senior Woman Snuggled Under Duvet Eating Breakfast
A close-up view of a restroom sign
Sick woman lying on sofa with stomach ache

What Causes Gas and Loose Stools?

Rear View Of Mature Couple On Autumn Walk With Labrador
Chamomile tea in pot and cup
Woman Caught Cold.Virus. Dysentery.Diarrhea.Woman looking sick and tired