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Is Eating Fatty Food Actually Bad for Me?

You’ve probably heard that fat is bad for you. Food manufacturers market and sell fat-free and low-fat products. Restaurants...

Difference Between Fats & Cholesterol

Fats and cholesterol are two distinct types of lipids, which are organic compounds that are insoluble in water. Although they are ...

How Many Grams of Fat Per Day Should Children Have?

The recommended fat intake for children is based on a combination of factors. It's not only influenced by your child's age...

Food Sources of Fats & Lipids

Lipids are fatlike substances that include fatty acids (fats), oils, waxes and steroids, such as cholesterol. These compounds are ...

What is the RDA for Cholesterol?

Cholesterol gets a bad rap. This fatty substance, also known as a lipid, is often shunned by health enthusiasts. However, bad repu...

How to Calculate the Fat Percentage in Daily Food Intake

Fat is a healthy macronutrient that assists with vitamin absorption, satiation, meal enjoyment, organ health and healthy skin and ...

What Are the Functions of Fat in the Diet?

Incorporating the right type of fats into your diet is equally as important as the amount of fat you consume. Saturated fats and t...

The Amount of Cholesterol in Beef

High levels of cholesterol in your bloodstream increase your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Although saturated and tra...

List of Foods That Contain Medium-Chain Triglycerides

It turns out that all saturated fats are not equal. Each saturated fat has its own structure, and their individual differences inf...

How Much Fat and Calories Should the Average Person Eat Daily?

Fat is one of the six nutrients vital to optimum health. In addition to fat, you need carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals a...
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