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Healthy Snacks

How Healthy Is President Obama's Go-To Snack?

President Obama's nightly routine includes exactly seven almonds. Nuts are high in fiber, which aids in digestion. ...

The Most Popular Food Trends for 2017

Eating healthy is paramount for leading a happy and healthy life. Start the new year off thriving by adding these 2017 popular foo...

Healthy Snacks for Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is a popular weight loss system, characterized by assigning different point values to foods. You are designated a ...

How Many Calories Are in Plain Popcorn?

Air-popped popcorn is one of your best bets for a low-calorie, low-fat, high-fiber snack, advises "Cooking Light." Unlik...

Healthy Snacks With Hummus

Chickpeas, olive oil and sesame paste, or tahini, are the main ingredients in hummus, a nutritious Middle-Eastern dip. Seasoned wi...

Healthy Snacks With Pita Chips

Snacks are essential for keeping you going between meals. Incorporating pita chips into your them will provide you with fiber and ...

Healthy Non-Perishable Snacks

Snacking is a great way to boost energy levels and prevent overeating at meals. Non-perishable foods do not require refrigeration...

Good Snacks for Baseball Teams

A belly full of greasy pizza is not going to help anyone slide into home. Baseball players need snacks that give them enough fuel ...

Healthy Snacks With No Sugar, No Flour, No Dairy

Eating healthfully if you're on a restricted diet can seem daunting, but planning ahead can help. One thing that you don't want is...

The 7 Best Healthy Snacks

If you’re feeling hungry between meals, a smart snack doesn’t have to be as boring as a bag of carrot sticks. Here are...
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