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Algae Is the New Turmeric -- and It's in Your Latte

Blue algae lattes are shaking up the beverage world, and you can order one at Matcha Mylkbar, Melbourne....

Nutrition Information for Diet Pepsi

Pepsi developed Diet Pepsi in 1964 as an alternative to Pepsi-Cola with no sugar and no calories. Artificial sweeteners create the...

Healthy Coffee Substitutes

Although coffee is considered a super food because it’s full of disease-fighting antioxidants, overconsumption can have nega...

Crystal Light & Pregnancy

When you become pregnant, you may find yourself questioning what is or is not safe to do while pregnant, including what to eat and...

The Nutritional Facts of Crystal Light on the Go

Crystal Light makes an extensive line of drink mixes designed to give your water a little extra flavor. These include On the Go mi...

Calories & Carbohydrates in Mixed Drinks

When ordering a mixed drink at a bar or restaurant, it is good to know what the nutrition facts are for whatever you are ordering....

Calories in Homemade Lemonade

Enjoying a glass of ice-cold lemonade, especially when you've taken the time to make it yourself, can perfectly augment a picn...

Does Crystal Light Work to Lose Weight?

If you’re trying to lose weight, chances are you’ve read nutrition articles that stress the importance to dieters of d...

The Calories in Boba Milk Tea

Boba milk tea, also known as bubble tea or tapioca tea, often contains brewed black or green tea, large tapioca pears, milk and ho...

Izze Drink Nutrition Information

IZZE is a beverage brand that includes four products from all natural ingredients. These products include IZZE Sparkling Juice, IZ...
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