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Pilates vs. Yoga, Which Is the Best Workout for You?

While Pilates and yoga can yield similar results, they're actually quite different from one another....

Sylvester Stallone Gets His Butt Kicked by a Trendy Fitness Class

Sylvester Stallone, star or Rambo and Rocky, got his butt kicked by trying his hand at this unlikely workout: pilates...

Pilates Tailbone Exercises

Tight muscles around the tailbone may cause pain in this area. Weak muscles of the core make holding proper alignment of the spine...

How to Reduce Cellulite With Pilates

Pilates alone can't rid you of cellulite, but it can be part of a comprehensive strategy. Progress from a beginning level to see t...

What Are the Benefits of Yoga & Pilates?

Yoga and Pilates are both forms of exercise that engage your mind and body. You can practice either activity at almost any gym or ...

Pilates Exercises for Scheuermann's Disease

Though people with Scheuermann’s disease are prohibited by a curve in their upper back from extensive twisting and bending, ...

What Is the Difference Between Pilates & Stott Pilates?

The Pilates method of exercise was developed in Germany in the early 20th century. There has been almost 100 years of research si...

Pilates Exercises for Knock Knees

Knock knees are usually correctable with exercises that strengthen the outside muscles of the hips. Pilates exercises build stron...

Weight Gain From Pilates

Pilates has a hard-core following. Its devotees credit the workouts for long, lean muscles, increased flexibility and a strong, fl...

Joint Hypermobility Syndrome and Yoga & Pilates

The word "hypermobility" describes a condition that causes excess range of motion in your joints. The results of a 2005 ...
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