Commit to at Least 5 Minutes of Exercise a Day With This Challenge

You only need five minutes a day to stay on track through the holidays.
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December is finally here, and while you may be tempted to give into the siren song of sweatpants and seasonal sweets, there are still 31 days left to crush your workout goals for the year. Whether or not you fully met all of your New Year's resolutions, you can make yourself proud by finishing out this year fit and active.


That's why the team created the 31-days of workout videos challenge! And here's why it's so great:

  • You can do these video workout any time, anywhere — at home, at the gym, while traveling, on your lunch break.
  • Most of the workout videos are right around five minutes long. That means, even if you're short on time, you can still squeeze in five minutes of activity and feel better.
  • On the days you have more time, you can rewind and repeat for a longer circuit-style workout.
  • Staying active throughout the holiday season will help you combat winter weight gain and potentially prevent seasonal anxiety and depression.


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How This Fitness Challenge Works

Each day, you'll do the workout listed below, with each week scheduled the same way:


  • Monday: full-body workout
  • Tuesday: ab workout
  • Wednesday: leg/booty workout
  • Thursday: ab workout
  • Friday: arm workout
  • Saturday: random workout (surprise!)
  • Sunday: yoga/active rest day

Here's the full schedule (links to the videos below):


Screenshot this and save to your phone so you'll always have it with you!
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  1. Cardio Blast Workout With Natalie Jill
  2. Yoga Warm-Up With Tara Stiles
  3. Total-Body Toning Pilates With Cassey Ho
  4. 4 Moves for Fabulous Abs With Elise Joan
  5. 5-Minute Legs and Glutes Towel Workout With Natalie Jill
  6. 12 Moves for Flat Abs With Cassey Ho
  7. Sculpt Your Arms With the Tone It Up Girls
  8. Strong, Lean Legs Pilates Workout With Cassey Ho
  9. Morning Yoga Routine With Tara Stiles
  10. Strong Is Sexy Workout With Katie Dunlop
  11. 5-Minute Ab Challenge With Nicky Holender
  12. No-Squat Booty Workout With Katie Dunlop
  13. Sculpt Your Obliques With the Tone It Up Girls
  14. Sleek and Sexy Arms With Cassey Ho
  15. Melt Your Muffin Top Pilates With Cassey Ho
  16. Increased Flexibility With Tara Stiles
  17. Blockbuster Pilates Workout With Cassey Ho
  18. 10-Minute No-Crunch Abs With Katie Dunlop
  19. 5-Minute Booty Challenge With Nicky Holender
  20. Cassey Ho's Plank Marathon
  21. 5 Minutes to Firm Arms With Natalie Jill
  22. Belly, Butt and Thigh Workout With Natalie Jill
  23. Building Balance With Tara Stiles
  24. Full-Body Workout With Mike Donavanik
  25. Quick HIIT Workout for Flat Abs With Elise Joan
  26. 10-Minute Booty Workout With Daisha Graf
  27. Core Pilates Workout With Cassey Ho
  28. 10-Minute Upper-Body Workout With Blaine Strong
  29. 10-Minute Plyo HIIT Workout With Elise Joan
  30. Yoga Cooldown With Tara Stiles
  31. Sculptacular Pilates With Cassey Ho

You can make these workouts your daily fitness challenge or do them in addition to your existing workout routine for a little fun and variety. If you're just doing the videos, each of these workouts are designed to be repeated. So if one run-though isn't enough to challenge you, click back to the beginning and do it again (or even three times).

Before each workout, make sure that you warm up so that you reduce your chances of getting hurt and maximize your results. If you don't already have a warm-up routine or you want to try a new one, check out the one below from personal trainer and fitness expert Natalie Jill.

Thirty-one workouts in 31 days is quite the challenge! And even though Sundays are blocked off for yoga and active recovery, your tired muscles may need a little more TLC. If that's the case, grab your foam roller and try the quick routine from Katie Dunlop of LoveSweatFitness below.

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How to Join the Video Workout Challenge

Ready to get started? It's easy to join. Here's your pre-challenge checklist:

  1. Print out the calendar above (or keep it accessible on your phone or computer) so you can refer to it every day.
  2. Join the Challenge Facebook group to find support and motivation from your fellow challengers.
  3. On December 1, get ready to start the challenge with us!
  4. Do your workout each day, then post about it in the group. If you're posting on social media, be sure to use the hashtag #LivesStrongLiveWell.

Even if you don't do the prescribed challenge workout, you can still share with the Facebook group. It's a huge, supportive community of people ready to cheer you on to meet your fitness goals!