The Best Tennis Shoes for Bunions

Bunions are a painful condition that can interfere with exercise and even simple activities like walking. A bunion is a deformity found at the base of your big toe, your metatarsophalangeal joint, notes Harvard Health Publications. When this occurs, your big toe turns inward and points toward your other toes. Certain tennis shoes can make your bunions even more uncomfortable and cause inflammation, so it's important to know what to look for.

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Where to Shop

Start your quest for the best-fitting tennis shoes at a store that works with people that have foot problems. If you're having trouble finding one, contact a podiatrist and ask for suggestions. When you get to the store, have your foot measured to get an accurate size. The sales associate should be able to help you find a shoe that accommodates your needs. Once you find a few pairs to try, take them for a spin around the store to get a real feel for them.

What to Look For

Look for shoes that have a flexible sole that supports your foot properly. They should be wide, deep and roomy in the toe box, to accommodate for your bunions. Try on shoes that are made of a stretchable and breathable material, as these shoes will cause less friction and discomfort. Opt for tennis shoes that have proper arch support and conform to your feet. Your tennis shoes need to fit well and feel comfortable when you walk in them. If you find a pair of tennis shoes that seem to fit well but aren't quite roomy enough around your bunion, you could have them stretched out professionally, according to the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society

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