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Scrambled eggs on toast is a popular breakfast item that can be bought at fast-food drive-throughs or made easily at home. The calories will vary accordingly and depend on the number of eggs, quantity of butter and the type and amount of bread used.


Scrambled eggs on toast contains 80 calories per egg and 50 to 100 calories per slice of bread, according to the Pillsbury Complete Cook Book. This includes 1 tbsp. of milk and 1 tsp. of margarine per egg. My Plate says a scrambled egg on one piece of toast contains 150 calories.


Toppings for scrambled eggs on toast, such as cheese and bacon bits, add calories to the meal. Scrambled eggs using only the egg whites reduce the number of calories.


Scrambled eggs on toast at a restaurant will generally have more calories than homemade. For instance, two scrambled eggs and two slices of toast at Denny's contain 530 calories

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