Buckler Beer Calories

A woman is drinking from a beer bottle.
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Sometimes you just want a beer, but you have to refrain because you're driving, taking antibiotics or on a diet. Buckler beer, from Heineken, offers the taste of beer without the alcohol.


A 12-oz. bottle of Buckler has 75 calories, about half that of regular, full-calorie varieties. Unlike most regular beers, it contains no carbohydrates. In addition, without alcohol to lower your inhibitions, you'll be more likely to say no to snacks and fried bar foods that can make drinking so calorie-dense.


The beer aficionados at Beer Advocate deemed Buckler "not worthy," giving it a grade of C minus. The A.V. Club of The Onion says it is "passable," with a more wheaty flavor than you might expect.

Fun Fact

At the "beer summit" that President Obama held in 2009 with Henry Louis Gates Jr. and James Crowley of the Cambridge, Massachusetts, police, Vice President Joe Biden, a teetotaler, consumed a Buckler.