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A man checks out the nutrition facts on a package of meat.
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Meat provides a variety of nutrients including zinc, iron, phosphorus, thiamin, riboflavin and protein. The calories in meat depend not only on what animal it comes from, but also on what part of the animal it comes from and how lean it is.


Among poultry, goose has the highest calorie count at 227 per 100 g serving, followed by soup hen with 203 calories, and duck with 192 calories. On the lower end of the caloric spectrum, turkey contains 122 calories, roast chicken 99, chicken drumsticks 80 and chicken breast 75 calories per 100 g serving, according to


On the high end, belly of pork contains 229 calories per 100 g serving. Medium fat cuts of pork such as pork fillet have about 170 calories. Lean cuts such as a lean pork chop have about 140 calories and a pork cutlet has 105 calories, according to


A medium fat cut of steak has about 230 calories while a lean cut of steak contains about 160 calories, according to A 3.5 oz serving of 75 percent lean ground beef has 274 calories, while 95 percent lean ground sirloin has about 170 calories.

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