Nutrition Information for Seafood, Meats and Poultry

Grilled Pork chop
Roasted duck breast

Is Duck Healthy to Eat?

Red lobster

Is Lobster Healthy Food?

Roasted chile miso  chicken drumsticks  with bell pepper
Nutritional pasta with seafood mussels
Special fried rice
Snack set. Variety of cheese and meat.
Boiled vegetable and chicken breast
raw ground bison (buffalo)  meat
Raw lamb brains on chopping board
Salmon sashimi
Ham slices
Homemade chicken bouillon

Chicken Broth Nutrition

Pile of anchovies
Stir fried shiitake mushroom with oyster sauce
Fish with vegetables
Breaded Fish Sandwich with Tartar Sauce
Submarine sandwich
seasoned grilled chicken breast on plate
Tuna Bread with Mustard.
Barbecue pork spare rib - Grilled pork baby ribs with spicy bbq sauce served with coleslaw and french fries.
Grilled fish
beef omasum with chili sauce
Herring salad with onion

Herring and Nutrition

Homemade Italian Sub Sandwich
Fresh made Rollmop on a plate
Roasted pork knuckle with pretzels and beer.
Eggs Benedict
rotisserie chicken on table
pan fried tilapia with asian slaw and roasted potatoes
Portrait of american football player

Wagyu Beef Nutrition

Rabbit in a field
Asian Crab Rangoons with Sweet and Sour Sauce
Raw rabbit burgers
raw rabbit leg on brown paper

Is Rabbit Meat Healthy Compared to Common Meats?

Grilled tuna steak slices with mango-melon salsa
Man shopping for meat at a grocery store
Roasted turkey leg with mash potato, chestnuts and brussels sprouts.
Black beans (full frame)
Grilled Sausage
Roasted leg of lamb with rosemary on the cutting board
Freshly grilled shrimp on a plate with lime slice
Curry Goat Meat Stew

Goat Meat Nutrition Facts

Shrimp Cocktail
chicken gizzards stewed with vegetables
Grilled turkey burgers
Sausage balls on street stand
triple decker sandwich on cutting board
whole chicken with herb warm filter added
breakfast with scrambled eggs, sausage links and toast.
Burger and french fries on wooden table.
Bacon frying in a pan
slices of cured ham with melon and red wine

Calories in Prosciutto Ham

Sea urchins on a plate
Sirloin Beef Steak with French fries and vegetable
Grilled Salmon
Beef steak
Beef Teriyaki
Bagel and lox
Roast legs of lamb
Grilled meat steak and vegetables