Foods That Turn to Acid When You Eat Them

In nature, some foods, such as citrus fruits, are very acidic, but when they are metabolized in your body, they have an alkalizing effect, meaning they balance the acidity of your body's blood pH level. Maintaining this balance is important to stay healthy; too much acidity can put stress on the body and lead to illness. Strive to eat fewer acid-forming foods and more alkaline foods for better health.

Highly Acidic Foods

The most acidic foods are high in sugar and fat or highly refined, according to the Greenopedia website. White flour, white bread, white pasta, fried foods, jams and jellies, processed cheese, ice cream and soda are unhealthy for you not just because of their sugar and fat content but also because they can throw off the pH balance in your body. Other foods are nutritious but have a highly acidic effect on the body: some nuts, such as Brazil nuts and hazelnuts; whole-wheat foods; soybeans; seafood; and pheasant.

Low and Moderately Acidic Foods

A host of other foods from all different food groups have a low to moderate acidic effect after consumption. These include egg whites, shellfish, white rice, veal, pomegranate, goat cheese, figs and cow's milk. Many beans have a moderately acidic effect, including adzuki, navy, pinto, garbanzo and red beans. Other acidic foods include corn, sesame oil, tomatoes, chicken, oat bran, veal, mustard and game meats.

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