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The Herbal Life Diet does not use pills for weight loss, stimulants or appetite suppressants.

The Herbal Life Diet is a program designed for weight loss while maximizing nutritional needs, such as protein and fiber intake. The manufacturers of Herbal Life claim their products are natural, low calorie and low fat and can maintain a healthy weight loss when used in conjunction with the dietary guidelines. The Herbal Life Quick Start package combines protein shakes, multiple vitamins and herbal concoctions to get the dieter started.

Using the Diet

Step 1

Replace breakfast with an Herbal Life protein shake. Available in seven flavors, choose one that is largely appealing as this will comprise two meals daily. Add two scoops of shake powder to a cup of nonfat milk or soy milk in a blender. Add one cup of fresh fruit, such as bananas, berries or peaches and mix until smooth. This meal replacement provides 25 grams of fiber and about 29 g of protein.

Step 2

One cup of the Herbal Concentrate can be added to the breakfast regimen as desired. This concentrate is an herbal tea blend intended to increase the metabolic rate, therefore increasing energy and calories burned. Take one tablet of the multivitamin complex included in the kit after breakfast.

Step 3

The lunch meal is also replaced with an Herbal Life meal shake. Mix two scoops of shake mix with one cup or nonfat milk or soy milk and one cup of fresh fruit in the blender and enjoy. Herbalife recommends that men over 200 pounds may add another scoop of mix to their shake. Take another multivitamin complex tablet with a glass of water.

Step 4

A decrease in calories may trigger hunger pangs during the day. Stock up on high-protein snacks, such as the protein bars, soups or soy nuts offered through Herbalife, for quick, healthy snacks. Eating protein-rich snacks in between meals may stave off that empty carb craving for chips or sweets. One cup of raw vegetables can also be used as a snack--but hold the fatty dips such as ranch sauce and eat them natural.

Step 5

Eat a normal dinner. To maximize weight loss, limit dinner protein to 3 to 6 ounces and choose lean proteins such as fish, chicken or lean cuts of beef like sirloin. Examples of encouraged dinner side dishes include two cups of raw or steamed vegetables and four cups of salad with a vinegar dressing. A cup of fresh fruit for dessert is acceptable. Take another multiple vitamin complex tablet with dinner.

Step 6

Drink water throughout the day. This calorie-free beverage will keep you feeling full while maintaining hydration. The warns against drinking fruit juices and high-calorie beverages while dieting, as these sugary concoctions can pack on the pounds as easily as extra food can. To stave off that craving for orange juice, eat the whole orange instead.

Things You'll Need

  • Herbal Life Quick Start Kit

  • Nonfat milk or soy milk

  • Fresh fruit

  • Blender

  • Fresh vegetables

  • Lean protein (poultry, fish)

  • Protein snacks (Herbalife products) as desired


Frozen fruit can be used in place of fresh.


Herbal products are not safe for everyone. The Herbal Concentrate contains a natural form of caffeine.

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