General Fitness

Full length of mature man wearing sports shoe at home
Women in a kettlebell class, trying to avoid making form mistakes
Man weight lifting in socks to improve exercise.
Young woman with earbuds having a break in gym
Active curvy women jogging
Fit grandmother and granddaughter walking at the river with arms around, having fun
Woman applying exercise gel like Sweet Sweat cream on her leg by a swimming pool
Her determination is key for success
Fit young man stretching after exercising avoiding post-workout mistakes
Two male colleagues taking a break from sitting at work by having a walking meeting
Friends enjoying traveling in the car
Fitness Group Cooling Down After City Run
Female fitness training
Young female boxer working on double ended bag in boxing gym
Smiling female runner stretching in sunny park
Glass of wine next to weights

How Bad Is It Really to Drink Alcohol After a Workout?