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General Fitness

How to Build Muscle Power

Making your muscles more powerful can help them grow bigger and increase your athletic performance. Power is a combination of spee...

Exercises for Kids Who Want to Lose Weight

If you have one or two kids who want to shed a few pounds, you don't need to send them to an early-morning boot camp or teach them...

How to Get Rid of Fat Under Your Chin

A surplus of fat under your chin can make button-down collared shirts uncomfortable to wear and even diminish your self-confidence...

All Your Burning Questions About Ice Baths, Answered

Ice baths are such a widely used method of recovery for athletes that they’ve become a staple in pop culture: Peyton Manning...

How Your Breathing Could Be Ruining Your Workout

How Your Breathing Could Be Ruining Your Workout. Breathing -- one of the most basic things we do every day -- can change drastica...

3 Signs You're Overexercising and 3 Ways to Avoid It

3 Signs You're Overexercising and 3 Ways to Avoid It. One of the most well-known strength and conditioning coaches, Dan John, once...

9 Unexpected Things That Happen When You Abandon Your Workout Routine

What happens to your cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, strength and power when you don't work out for a while, due to illness, ...

10 Things You Didn't Know About Buying a Sports Bra

Wearing a good-fitting sports bra can improve your enjoyment of and performance in your favorite sport. ...

6 Breathing Techniques to Improve Your Strength Training

How to use your breath for core activation and spinal stabilization in a variety of exercises and how that impacts your results....

LIVESTRONG.COM Experts' 2016 Fitness & Nutrition Predictions

The LIVESTRONG.COM editors got together with their panel of experts to get fitness and nutrition predictions for 2016....
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