7 Keto-Approved Tailgating Recipes That Score Big

Pair baked chicken wings with a healthy spinach-artichoke dip that's a perfect tailgating treat.
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Throwing a tailgating party when you're on keto? We've got you covered for the big game. With 20 grams of carbs or less, these seven simple, keto-friendly finger foods make for the perfect game-time snacks and are sure to satisfy both keto dieters and carb lovers alike.


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1. Mushroom and Bell Pepper Beef Kebabs

Veggie- and protein-packed, this kebab recipe will satisfy any keto tailgater.

Fire up the grill! Ready in just 11 minutes, you can toss these juicy beef kebabs on the barbecue at halftime and serve them before the game resumes. Keto-friendly veggies like potassium-packed bell peppers and calcium-rich zucchini add a pop of color to these mouthwatering kebabs without loading up on carbs.


Using wood skewers? Make sure to soak them in water for 30 minutes to keep them from catching fire.

Get the Mushroom and Bell Pepper Beef Kebabs recipe and nutrition info here.

2. Grilled Shrimp Kebabs

Keep it simple by brushing shrimp with quality olive oil.

Shrimp on the barbie, anyone? Less is more with these simple shrimp skewers, which only require a dash of salt and pepper and a light brush of extra-virgin olive oil for a ton of flavor. With a whopping 38 grams of protein per serving, these keto-friendly kebabs are guaranteed to keep you fueled even if the game runs into overtime.


Get the Grilled Shrimp Kebab recipe and nutrition info here.

3. Grilled Vegan Portobello Sliders Stack

These delicious sliders are keto- and vegan-approved.

Who said sliders were just for meat-eaters? Vitamin D-packed portobello mushrooms sub for beef or chicken in these vegan-friendly sliders that sneak in some healthy fats from layers of guacamole.



At 19 grams of carbs, these sliders are a bit of an indulgence for keto dieters. If you don't want to splurge, just chuck the whole-wheat roll, which will substantially slash the carbs in this recipe.

Get the Grilled Vegan Portobello Sliders Stack recipe and nutrition info here.

4. Guacamole With a Secret Ingredient

This twist on guac is still keto-approved, even with low-carb asparagus.

Holy guacamole! This twist on guac incorporates low-carb asparagus for an extra dose of vitamin A, iron and vitamin C without sacrificing any of the creaminess or flavor. We bet even the biggest guac fans will be fooled.


Get the Guacamole With a Secret Ingredient recipe and nutrition info here.

5. Brussels Sprouts Tater Tots

Ditch starchy potatoes in this recipe for low-carb Brussels sprouts to make it keto.

Think you can't eat potatoes on keto? Low-carb Brussels sprouts sub in for starchy spuds in this recipe for crispy tater tots. These cheesy bites will make the perfect side at your tailgate party. And with less than 100 calories per serving, they won't sabotage your daily diet goals.


Get the Brussels Sprouts Tater Tots recipe and nutrition info here.


6. Spinach-Artichoke Dip

This quick spinach-artichoke dip features creamy labneh.

The star of this quick-and-easy spinach-artichoke dip is labneh, a soft cheese made from strained yogurt that's high in protein, low in carbs and super creamy. Serve this delicious dip with keto-friendly veggies like celery and broccoli or scoop it straight from the bowl. We won't judge!


Get the Spinach-Artichoke Dip recipe and nutrition info here.

7. Salt and Pepper Oven-Baked Wings

This simple chicken wing recipe only contains four ingredients and is baked instead of fried.

No tailgate would be complete without chicken wings! This simple recipe only contains four ingredients — chicken, kosher salt, black pepper and cayenne — so you can throw them together in a jiffy and get back to watching the game. Plus, these protein-packed wings are steamed and baked instead of fried, which helps to reduce the dish's overall calories.


Get the Salt and Pepper Oven-Baked Wings recipe and nutrition info here.

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